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Visual novel Wardrobe: please, need your opinion...


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Hello everyone!
Please share your opinion on the "Wardrobe" system in one of my visual novels. Maybe I missed something?

Project Bathyscaphe has collected several interesting visual novels, one of which is the visual novel "Tricky gang".

One of the features of this visual novel is undoubtedly the "Wardrobe" that the protagonist of this interesting visual novel has! The button to summon the "Wardrobe" is available in the bedroom of the game map " Grandpa's House". The closet provides clothes for different situations: for work, for sports, for sleeping, for transportation, etc.  In order to change clothes, you need to call the menu "Wardrobe" and select the desired clothes.

At the moment there are the following types of clothes in the game:



If the protagonist has nowhere to go in the selected clothes at a given time, the system will issue a warning. Warnings of the "Wardrobe" system are also possible in some other situations.

The chosen type of clothing directly affects daily and quest events.

For example, if you are wearing "casual" clothes, you will not be offered to play sports or fix your car! Equally, if you are wearing sports clothes, you will not be prompted to eat breakfast or rest! 

That is, to maximize the fulfillment of all current affairs and events, the protagonist will have to change clothes often! Current clothing affects many events of the game! Even on quests! This must be remembered when playing this  visual novel!

In the "Bedroom" location of the "Clair's House" game map, there is another new Wardrobe! 
It contains fewer types of clothes!  This Wardrobe is needed to complete a task on the map "Clair's House"!

Perhaps their Wardrobes will appear in some more maps of the game world of this visual novel!

It is very important that "Wardrobe" will help you to pump the Skills of the protagonist. After all, in order to pump the Skill "auto", the protagonist will have to wear "work clothes".
To pump Skill "sport" - "sports clothes".  And Skills are vital in this visual novel!

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On 11/26/2023 at 9:52 AM, work12 said:

Project Bathyscaphe has collected several interesting visual novels, one of which is the visual novel "Tricky gang".


My little joy! My unusual project has finally got its own website!

What is unusual about Tricky Gang?
- A wide audience! In a single interface, several different visual novels are collected.
- Interesting gameplay! Interactive elements combined with developed dialogs create its own style.
- The game is catchy! It's just not like the others!

Of course, the game is still in development! But, it's already an interesting game! 
And I would appreciate it if you would check this game out!


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