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I'm looking for HS/Youth VNs with good story


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Hey there! I'm looking for visual novels protagonized by young characters, wether they're high school students or young adults, with a good story.

After reading Saya no Uta, Mandemon, and watching the Toshokan Sensou anime, I'm looking for a more realistic read for us people who aren't psychos, vampires or military soliders. I'd prefer to read more lighthearted works, but I'm fine with utsuges, nakiges and every story "tone". 

I don't want to read moe/galges, BLs, game focused on sex or games in which the goal is to sex a heroin, or basically any game that is visibilly trying to appel to an specific audience.

I am interested in games driven either by the plot or by the characters, with good story and decent writing.

Thank you and I look forward to yours recs!

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 World End Syndrome for ya) One of the best in my opp.
Also you can tey Swan Song if you havent yet. It is quate violent but the story is very realisttic and interesting. 
But if you are more in to romance then Katawa Shojo is one of the best, thou it has some hentai there, a lot actualy) But is is very good and emotional.
Fate series is not my thing but you can give it a try) 
Clannad like Silvz said is nice too.
For more detective driven story with hentai and all that Kara No Shjojo is the best one for me. You MUST play it if u didn't)
Aaaaand... lets see... maybe When They Cry? For some horror expirience)
 If you need more - we here for ya))

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Well good story is quite subjective, although if you want more KEY VN perhaps I could add Summer Pocket in here in case you're still not playing it (I recommend Reflection Blue version for more route, and both are translated anyway). If you want to look for something more, perhaps you can try Inochi no Spare (No happy ending though), Snow (2001 VN that was inspired by Kanon and Air), and Tamayura Mirai (It has supernatural element with the MC is a sorcerer). I hope that my recommendations here will be helpful to you.

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If we're specifically talking about lighthearted story VNs with a highschool cast:

Those are probably some of them that don't directly instantly pander to male audiences with fanservice... maybe. I put Princess Evangile with a (?) because I'm still reading it right now, but it hasn't been too bad so far. For the other recommendations, I'm basically seconding the ones from Key. I don't think you can go wrong with them, and if you happen to not like the first title you'll pick up from them, you probably won't like the others by some default criteria.

Have fun trying out everyone's recommendations! 

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