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In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Mr 16, 2024)


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  • Ray-Out changed the title to In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Apr 27, 2024)
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  • Ray-Out changed the title to In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Mr 16, 2024)
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Quick update:

- Game sprites have been replaced with new ones
- Fixed bugs with music and sounds
- New sounds inserted
- The main menu works even better than before
- Loading and saving got rid of recent problems
- The loading process has been changed, now instead of the original idea, it is combined with a calendar
- The editor has completed the third polish of the first act
- The editor began writing new sex scenes
- The programmer received pre-final edits to the prologue as well as the third portion of edits on the global system
- 5 new backgrounds were drawn
- Polished 8 old backgrounds
- The main sprites are being finalized
- Sound effects and music are being finalized
- Still no news from the singer

 I would like to talk about all these points in more detail, but it’s better some other time. There is almost no time, and I would like to write to you when the current batch of edits is completed. At the moment, everything written above can be called only half of the completed plan. Therefore, after the next test, which will be in about a month, we will tell you in more detail. In the meantime... for now we will send you posters with the presentation of the routes.
 Don't be idle and peace be with you!

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Update 58

Good news everyone!
Below I will write in more detail, but in short, the novel will most likely be released, but it is unlikely to come out before next year. A programmer was found.
So, anyone interested in the details... they will be in the format of a simple flood, after which I will describe the state of the novel at the moment.
Today I am the only one left on the development team. The person who did the script, game design, art, voice acting and almost everything else. After three years of working on the novel (which was done absolutely free), my team included more than a hundred voice actors, three editors, three singers, two programmers, two composers, two artists. This may not be a complete list, but I hope you get the gist.
If you failed to do this, then the essence of what was written above has always been the same for me. You should never leave things halfway. Especially if other people took part in it. In my work, I always try to give people the experience they need, and if they work well, they are rewarded after a while. This happened with past projects. However, past projects were simpler. The voice acting and translation of the Japanese game took no more than a year of work, regardless of the variability in the game itself. The role-playing game, which was translated and voiced by my team with over 60 hours of gameplay, took about three years. And now, I have “Town” VN in my hands.
Working on the novella became another new stage in my life, without any lies. This is a new experience that still continues to bear fruit. But even here I ran into the problem that most often appears in any team. This problem is called irresponsibility. Of all the people I've met, most activists quickly burn out without bringing their cause to fruition. I really hope that whoever reads this will draw the necessary conclusions. If you can't or don't want to finish what you started, don't start. This will only cause problems for those you work with.
Of course, when such a large number of people come and go, as a game designer I am already accustomed to saying goodbye to them and welcoming new ones. In the end, everyone has their own life. Some leave for good reasons, like an artist who is preparing to move to another country. Others for less significant reasons, but I am ready to give them gold for warning me about leaving. And others... others leave silently or with obscenities. But it is normal. However, we are not really here to talk about people.
Returning to the “Town” I would like to say the following. I spent the last 4 days looking for a programmer, and had almost given up when I found a kind person. This person works on a different engine, but is still ready to help our novel reach people.
In the near future we are switching to another engine, preparing the ground for a programmer’s work and hoping that “Town” will not lose anything in the process.
Now I would be terribly upset to stage this project, especially when everything for it is ready besides the software assembly.
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