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In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Mr 16, 2024)


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So, we are the creative studio "Ray Out"!
In short, we are a bunch of enthusiasts who have united in a team for creativity. Thanks to our rich YouTube history, as well as translations, voice acting and songs, we finally have enough connections to dev Visual Novel!


Of course, we will tell you about this in this post, but at the very beginning it is worth noting only one thing. We know our business, we know many talented people, and we just have to collect the necessary funds to implement our ambitious idea. We hope for your support!



  • Once a young man who lost his parents a few years ago receives an unexpected call. He is called by a certain Collins Brooks, who reports on a large inheritance awaiting the protagonist in a distant town.
  • Mark Tino, whose role you take on, will certainly go for untold wealth. After all, he just finished his studies as a psychotherapist, and now his future is in question. Life was not easy for him, because he lived in a rented apartment and always worked part-time to feed himself. Study and work absorbed him so much that he did not even have time to rest.
  • But having arrived in the distant town of Akunagi, Mark learns that his deceased grandparents lived in this wonderful place for a reason. Тhe town itself is surrounded by a forest and located behind high walls, far from civilization…
  • Immerse yourself in a world where money does not matter, you do not know who you are, and you are surrounded by persons with mental disorders. Or is it not so? Why did you come? Who are you? Perhaps you will find here the love of your life, or perhaps … your death. Only by knowing the whole truth behind the walls of Akunagi City you can find your true self.


    "Town" is not the most standard visual novel. Have you ever asked yourself what is missing for you in this amazing Japanese genre? We asked ourselves this question and … Here's what we decided:

    - Collecting items in different routes (to reveal the truth)
    - Collection of folklore in different routes (to reveal the truth)
    - Over a hundred choices and decisions for the player (to make your own story)
    - Easy puzzles (this is not a game for children)
    - Romantic scenes (18+)
    - More than 5 romantic routes (different options and girls)
    - Two personal routes with an emphasis on yourself (where there is no romance, but crumbs of truth are sown)
    - Additional root after passing the main (for those who are looking for real freedom)
    - Displacement map (so the replay value is high)
    - Different times of the day: Morning, Lunch, Evening (after all, this is how life is … and events can be different)
    - Choosing where to go (to reveal the truth)
    - The consequences of your decisions (to make your own story)
    - Colorful characters (we devote the most time to the player, but the rest of the characters have their own lives)
    - Thoughtful story where you can be a scientist and rely on facts, or accept the true mystical nature of the city  (to make your own story)
    - Personal scale of character development (and no, these are not levels, it's just your mental state)
    - You can live in Akunagi without thinking at all, but this will lead to very different consequences (to make your own story)
    - Each character has from two to seven endings (yes … because your role in their life can be completely different)
    And most likely we have not even listed everything here (because we are waiting for you …)



    What have we already done?

    The novel has been in development for about 2 months, and now we are finally ready to show you what we have already done in hope that the "Town" will be released and will delight many players.

    So what do we already have?
    - 40% finished script
    - 10 prescribed routes
    - Five+ original sound compositions
    - Sketches of the main characters (1 ready to go )
    - Interface layouts and some menus
    - More than 30 different endings
    - City map


For more info please visit our wesite! Its here!
You can also fallow us on Twitter
Or on Itch.io
Or on VnDb
Or find us on Tumblr


Before you make up your mind, let's just say that we are big fans of the Kara No Shojo and would really appreciate you spreading this news among fans of similar topics! Thank you and have a nice day!



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  • Ray-Out changed the title to Ine dev Town[18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Oct 23, 2023)

Update Oct 24\23



Actually, our third singer left. Strangely enough, life flows and changes, and during the course of family problems, she went into recovery. This is quite funny, considering that we are working on a novel with a lot of psychological trauma... well, we will look for a new one. Again.
- At the moment, our main efforts are focused on PR for the company and translation from Russian into English. Frankly, we are not eager to insert the Russian language during recent world events, especially considering that the majority of our team is in Ukraine, but the original script was written three years ago in Russian, so we are working with what we have.
- At the moment we have translated the prologue and the first two game days, and are now working on the third. The work is quite difficult given the severe shortage of workers, but we somehow manage. That is, to put it simply, we need to translate not only the plot but also additional places to visit. The entire journal with notes has already been translated.
- We remind you that the demo will be released in any case (may be in winter 2023), even if we don’t raise funds. It will be absolutely free and accessible to everyone. The demo version will have 1 of 8 routes. Hence the title "Act One: A New Place".
- The demo will include Chloe's complete story (except for her epitaph, which will serve as the final word for the story with this character) as well as all of her endings, of which there will be three. Plus there will be one additional, bad ending, which has nothing to do with the character himself.
- That's probably all for today. Please join us on Twitter and spread the news about “Town” among your friends, we really need everyone who is interested in such topics. We were inspired by things like Silent Hill, Kara No Shojo, World End Syndrome, Claymore and the like. "Town" will be a novel full of violence, does not exclude sex scenes, romance, philosophy, religion and detective elements with character development and more than 20 endings! 18+ only.
In order for everyone to like our story, we would also ask you for feedback on certain topics. If you want to know more, you can read "A Letter for Jeannette." on our website.
Thank you and have a nice day!
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Update Oct 25\23


- Today we completed the translation on September 18th. This means that there are only 2 game days left and different locations at different times of the day. After this, Chloe's route can be called ready. It will still need to be polished and tested, maybe even modified, but we are rapidly moving in the right direction, which is good news.


- Just the other day, one singer answered us, already the fourth in our memory, who took up writing songs and performing them. Let's keep our fingers crossed for her, because our songs have been waiting for responsible hUmaN for a long time.


- If suddenly someone is worried about our background artist, then don’t worry. She was out of work for a week due to one operation. The craftswoman is already on the mend and will soon take up the backgrounds again, which give our novel a fresh charm.


- On the program front, everything is difficult and painful as usual, in fact, as always. A fellow programmer is trying to prepare documents for translation and at the same time insert the finished text into the novel. Now he is somewhat ahead of schedule for the demo version in the main language, which is good news.


- After we translation of the first act for the demo, in which only Chloe’s route can be completed, we will check it thoroughly, go through the different interfaces, menu elements, voice acting and other details once again and.... we will be able to release ”Town Demo" in the world. Of course, it will take a lot of time to compile a sound map, but more on that later.


  Thank you for your attention as always!

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  • Ray-Out changed the title to Ine dev Town[18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Oct 25, 2023)
Update Oct 26\23
October 26, 2023|Dev, english, town, visual novel


Hi people!


It's been a while since we've done two things in a post. Firstly, they didn’t write lost notes from Jeannette, and secondly, we didn’t talk about the Art component of the "Town”.



- We’re are sure that Jeannette will make herself known soon, and we’ll find a couple more of her notes, somewhere under the dusty bedside tables in her house, but for now, let’s talk about art and sex.


- For demonstration, we even decided to post one of our recent sketches to you. This art is already the 4th version of one important character in our novel. In particular, all the characters in the “Town” have already gone through 3 revisions each. The first sketches were ready about a year ago, but artists who are dissatisfied with their work constantly want to redo everything! Of course, the whole team is happy with such changes for the better in quality. Especially when the visual part of the novel that changes in each route.

  But time has passed and the artists seem to be happy with their work on 3d Versions… and then BAM! They want to do better again!

 In the end, "Eve" received a 4th concept art, which… that's right! The artists again did not approve. Of course, this art will end up in the novel, but it turns out that the brunette woman with the frightening appearance of version 3.0 is a more striking representation of her personality. How about you? Do you like this sketch? As for me, most of our art is very good! But there is no limit to perfection, so we will always pursue the issue of quality.

  Finally, on this topic, I would like to say that our Eve pushed us to another interesting thought. Most often she can be found in one route, however, thanks to the latest sketch, she will appear much more often in different places. After all, you don’t have to have a conversation with a character in order for him to be in the frame, right?


- Regarding sex, the note will be very short. Of course, about a month ago we decided that there would be sex scenes in the “Town” VN. At least in one special piece of art and with voice acting in the original language. But after the art was drawn, we encountered a small problem. The actresses were waiting for the text for the sex scenes, but the text was produced only for two of them, instead of the required 10. It is simply VERY difficult for us to write all these scenes bright enough for different characters. And we don't want to do BAD scenes.


- We are currently considering several options for resolving this issue.

1) Remove the sex scenes completely (which we really would not like, because the art is already ready). Instead, in place of sex there will simply be a transition with a black screen.

2) Wait until we can write them, but leave them without voice acting (since the actors have been waiting text for a long time, and will not wait for it forever)

3) Make scenes short and barely memorable


- That's all for today! If you have any advice on how to solve our problems, we will be very happy for your feedback. Please visit our website for news, follow us on Twitter, fannovel, indigogo and put the up arrow on the radite! WE WILL BE VERY GRATEFUL!

  Have a great day, lost souls!

Edited by Ray-Out
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Dev Update 000.30 BG
October 28, 2023|Dev, english, town, visual novel


With your permission, we will have a little rest this weekend. But... this does not mean that we will leave you without updates.

The last basic backgrounds are done. Yesterday, Maria started working on backgrounds for special art.

  These are the arts that are unique to different routes, the characters for which have already been drawn. Maria will fill them with life with her brush.



  Today we are a little in mourning because of the troubles with Reddit, apparently you won’t see us there anymore. The support hasn't answered why our posts are being blocked, so... we'll look for alternatives.


  As always, we invite you to follow our visual novel updates on our Website, Twitter, and the Fawannovel forum!


  Thank you for being with us! We would also like to send BIT THANKS to the discord DevTalk server! There are very good people there who actively help us in development be advice!

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Dev Update 000.31 Something about something
In the pictur you can see that we found new plans for animation in one of the routes, as well as the continuation of the translation from


September 19th. This is already the 5th game day.

Frankly speaking, over the past two days we could hardly take a break from the October holidays, so we only carried out the daily routine of assembling the game components into one whole, timidly drew and also timidly inserted scenes into the novel.
Most likely, tomorrow we will find one of Jannet’s notes, but today, as usual, we translate, draw, program and look for ways to find our audience.
As always, thank you for the reposts and your attention! Hit the jump with us via Twitter, website and more!
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  • Ray-Out changed the title to In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Oct 31, 2023)
Dev Update 000.32 Mein Menu for a Dreamer
November 1, 2023|Dev, english, town, visual novel


Today we were busy animating the main menu for one of the routes. Dreamwalker route.You see... the main menu wallpaper changes not only from the new route, but also from the endings. And although we have these elements ready, sometimes we come up with something new and better. In this case, one important young lady who sits on the throne blinks and moves her leg.


You see... the main menu wallpaper changes not only from the new route, but also from the endings. And although we have these elements ready, sometimes we come up with something new and better. In this case, one important young lady who sits on the throne blinks and moves her leg.

  Given that we don't have much time, we didn't draw everything frame by frame, but instead drew and animated individual fragments. It took a lot of time, but the result seems to please us. And all this is to make you feel better about the atmosphere!


  The Path of the Dreamwalker is an additional route that focuses not on romance, but specifically on the reader, helping him to clarify some plot aspects. In this route, which will presumably make itself known in the second act, the reader will observe pieces of various other routes while in a drowsy state... hehe.


  As always, we ask you to repost, subscribe to our Twitter, Indigogo, and so on. WE REALLY NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

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  • Ray-Out changed the title to In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Nov 01, 2023)
Dev Update 000.33 Catharine has arrived

November 3, 2023|Dev, english, Screenshot, town, visual novel



You must be asking yourself a lot of questions right now. For example, why is there no character growth? There is no information whether she is ready for an affair with you? And anyway, how many more of these characters will there be?


  As always, thank you for your support! We kindly ask you to pay attention to our Twitter, Fuwanovel Forum and Indigogo!uple of hints. There will still be about the same number of characters, but as for the romance options.... most of the characters have an open heart. But not all. And given that our fundraising company is at a standstill, romances with male players are apparently lost in timew. Which is pretty annoying, because everyone has stories.


  As always, thank you for your support! We kindly ask you to pay attention to our Twitter, Fuvanovel Forum and Indigogo!

Edited by Ray-Out
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  • Ray-Out changed the title to In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Nov 03, 2023)
Dev Update 000.34 Variability
November 5, 2023|Dev, english, town, visual novel

Today, instead of boring conversations about translation and monotonous work, we decided to simply present the basis of the variability in our VN.



- 7 romantic routs await you (with sex scenes) 3-6 endings each

- 1 Girl story arc without romance with 3 endings

- 2 personal routes without romance with 3 endings each

- 10 Epilogues, of which you can only choose one

- 1 more additional route, for those who are ready to reveal all the secrets with 5 endings variatons


  What else would you be interested in learning about? Maybe something more detailed? We are waiting for you on Twitter, Fuwanovel and on our website. In the meantime, we present to you a screenshot showing the basic variability tree. Although we didn't include three more roots in this picture... hehe!

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  • Ray-Out changed the title to In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Nov 05, 2023)

Hi guys! For those who don’t know, we periodically post notes like this on our website and Twitter. This is a short excerpt from long lost Jeannette's diary, the story of which can be read on the website, and can also be read in the novel.
  The meaning of these notes is very simple. We are trying to convey to everyone who is waiting for the release a piece of the upcoming atmosphere. Thank you for your attention! We do hope find some more of that notes in the future!



November 7, 2023|english, Lost Notes of Jeannette


Hello my dear diary. I'm sorry I haven't written to you for a long time.

Today I wanted to share with you a new portion of thoughts, I hope you don’t mind.


Many people don't understand why I chose to live alone. Why did she hang this label on herself as a helpless girl who doesn’t know how to do anything herself, and so on.

  So, quite recently I thought about this myself and realized that I do know perfectly well why my lifestyle is the way it is.


  Let me ask you. Have you ever liked something that others don't like? This will be the simplest example. This is an eternal question for me, even in the age of the Internet. People were ready to judge me for what I liked, but unlike them, I was not used to hiding my morals and preferences. More precisely, I tried to live like this, but it didn’t work out. Hiding your true morals leads to a completely unpleasant life, where you constantly reproach yourself for adapting to society.


Are hats with red feathers in fashion that you don't like? You're an outcast. You're bad. You're ugly. You are being judged. Most people in this situation will say by tomorrow that he is the Number One fan of the Red Feather hat. To be at the center of the Norms of society. But not me. That's why I live alone, having given up all attempts to find people who will understand me. 


Finally, I would like to highlight the type of people who do not say what they like at all. That is, they don’t like everything, and you and I can hear about this always and everywhere. How bad everything is, how sad everything is, how hard it is to live and so on. But just today, while communicating with one customer, I suddenly understood what I want to hear from people.

 How a person sincerely says “I like tractors.” 


Well, not necessarily tractors. As a rule, this is something not standard. Like anal sex or the urge to spend millions on a collectible coin. I truly admire people who are willing to reveal their desires and vices. Reveal them, not hide them. We are who we are, right? Why should we be embarrassed by our love for tractors?

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  • Ray-Out changed the title to In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Nov 10, 2023)

Hey guys! We haven't make any updates for a while. The reason for this is mainly due to the lack of something interesting in the current work. Everything is the same, backgrounds are drawn, text is inserted and the only thing we can show you is the arrival of new characters. Which actually will happen very soon.
For some reason our company on Indigogo has no interest at all, which is very unfortunate, considering that we do not even have the funds for a release on Steam yet, and making many updates as soon as we can. In addition, Indigogo has not wanted to post our updates for a week now "I advise you to try again after a couple of minutes". But we are not discouraged in trying to create an interesting novel for fans of the genre.
Finally, we would like to inform you that almost half of the special art of the first act has already been completed, as well as two endings. All this still needs to be translated and tested, so we are working hard to make "Town" VN for you guys. Special thanks to those who reposted to our small indie group news and to everyone who is interested in our project! By the way, we believe that we will also find a new note from Janet soon! And at the same time we’ll think about what we can show you.
As always, we are waiting for you on our website, twitter and are ready to listen to you with open ears on the wonderful fuwanovel forum.
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  • Ray-Out changed the title to In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Nov 17, 2023)
  • Ray-Out changed the title to In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Nov 21, 2023)

Salute, guys! While work is in full swing on the demo version, we can’t really show you anything, however, there is some good news.
The first song, the one for the opening, has already been written! At least that's what the singer told us. Of course, we haven't seen or heard anything yet, but our hopes are pretty high. In theory, by the end of the year we will have the main theme for "Town"!
There is also an update on translations. In particular, we are finally finishing the translation of the first act, the one that will be in the demo version. All that remains is to finish drawing a few backgrounds, translate additional places to visit, put sound on it all and test it. If everything goes according to plan, then by the new year or the beginning of 2024 we will be able to release a demo version. Although, given our fundraising campaign, alas, we cannot promise anything.
As always, thanks to everyone who helps us with reposts and is waiting for the release of “Town” visual novel with us! We invite you to our website, twitter, fuwanovel forum and indigogo! Happy holidays to you!

And further. Never be discouraged, everything will be fine!
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  • Ray-Out changed the title to In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Nov 29, 2023)
  • Ray-Out changed the title to In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Dec 06, 2023)
  • Ray-Out changed the title to In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Dec 13, 2023)
  • 2 weeks later...
  • Ray-Out changed the title to In dev "Town" [18+] [PSYHOLOGICAL HORROR] [Fundraising] (Latest Update: Dec 21, 2023)

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