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Trouble installing Astral Air no Shiroki Towa


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Trying to install this game via disk but whenever I try to install the game, it gets stuck on the "installing" screen and doesn't progress at all, it stays at 0. For reference I have my time, locale, and display language set to Japanese and it didn't help either. I also tested this with the fandisk and it's having the same issue.

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4 hours ago, HataVNI said:

Do you have Japanese text or Mojibake output? Can you take a screenshot of the installer?


This is the screen I get stuck at. It gets to this but the status bar doesn't increase at all. I tried waiting for about 10 minutes and I got nothing. All the text comes through in Japanese in every step.

I tested my CD drive with a different VN and I had no issues installing, so it's not the CD drive either.

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