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Horror Recommendations That Are Simillar to... ?


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I'm pretty much interested in a horror Visual Novel that involves supernatural being (not a monster or too fantastical ideas). I've played Kaerimichi (dunno why it's listed in vndb), Phenomeno - Mitsurugi Yoishi wa Kowagaranai, and Shiin.

I am currently looking for such horror games. It's preferable to have beautiful yet grim illustration like what Shiin has to offer, dark and perhaps (better) with a little nudity like Kaerimichi, and not too anime-ish or flat tint. I can't clearly define my definition of this horror but perhaps it's based on the atmosphere, no action possible, isolated feeling, and... ghost (?)

I've put my eyes on Tiny Bunny dunno if that actually matched above preferences. I've also read some VNs but lists all of the titles in here will only be a hassle.

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I've played Tiny Bunny and while it doesn't necessarily match your preferences, it's sooo good! The atmosphere is oppressing, keeping you on your toes.

I actually haven't played much horror, so I can't give pure horror recs. However, I've played 11eyes and the atmosphere is hella creepy a lot of times. It's an action chuuni, so if you still don't want to play it, it's understandable. I didn't really like the horror aspect in Iwaihime, but who knows.

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I can recommend you a looot of things since there is not really a lack of mysterious entity horror fiction in the VN world, but I guess Iwaihime, Neighbor and Sound of Drop.- Fall into Poison might be some ideas. On the JP side, you can look into Saya no Uta, the Corpse Party Series (some are pure VNs) and Gore Screaming Show. Chaos;Child definitely works as well.

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If you're looking for some different art, maybe you can try Fata Morgana, although it should be noted that it's not really pure horror VN seeing that it's more like tragedy VN even though the second door is indeed quite creepy. Other than that, maybe Higanbana duology in which both VNs are not as lengthy as the other author works (Higurashi and Umineko). I don't know if you're already read those or not, but nevertheless I hope that my recommendations can be helpful to you.

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TBH I've read some of the recommendations here.

I am currently on the post-opening in Iwaihime since last year and don't know when should I continue. I just need a mood to read. Yes. It's a good horror. Amazing art from one of my favorite artist, haha.
I have Neighbor on my HDD waiting to play. Now that there's a recommendation of it. I'll probably read it right away tonight.
I remember someone said Sound of Drop has a lot of bad endings and it's a quite short game. Dunno, prolly that's gonna be my next read after Swan Song.
Ah, SAYA NO UTA! It has a denpa tag in it and it's also quite popular in the community. I haven't tried it tho. But I think it's interesting. Still, unless it gives full horror suspense without monster elements like what Phenomeno did, I'll put it on low priority.
I have Corpse Party (2021 remake) on my wishlist waiting for decent discount. I love the short 4 episodes anime but haven't had a time to try the actual game.
Yes, GSS. Who doesn't love Gore Screaming Show tho? Well, only if the SoL romance phase isn't that long, that would be awesome. I even thought that the whole trailer is a scam.
Chaos;Child. I currently reading C;H Noah. Trying to read the whole SciADV by the release order. Such a pain tho CHNoah feels sooo much slower than the original CH. But I've tried C;C once and it's soooo gooood. It even gives me inspiration for my own novel. That's why I need some recommendations for me to read.
Raging Loop is a great suspense I'll say. I love to be in such a thrill for the entire story right from the beginning. However, I stopped at the beginning of the last chapter. Mentally exhausted huhu. If I'm not mistaken, someone on the internet said the last chapter has a lot of infodumping (?).
Fata Morgana currently rereading! Such a great VN. It's different and probably one of my favorite plot.
Higanbana I stopped at some point in the first game dunno why. Perhaps I'll try to give it a chance next time.
Please no Higurashi. I've watched the anime a long time ago before knowing that it actually based on a VN. I love it. The first and second original seasons are one of my favorites. But I couldn't handle reading the VN. Too much SoL part, less suspense. It feels like I read SoL genre instead of a horror story. I couldn't even complete the first episode. Yea, I know I prolly missed lots of good things, but it is what it is.

Well well well. I didn't expect someone recommends me 11eyes. I never knew it's a creepy VN. Yea, I've read the intro until the scene on the rooftop. I thought it's a pure chuuni. I'll definitely try it next time.

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On 10/3/2023 at 11:43 PM, Epschy said:

Just in case you don't know, Phenomeno is a short adaptation of a light novel. If you liked the VN, you might want to read the original novels, too!

You can find more info about the translation of the books at https://novelupdates.com/

I have been wanting to read Phenomeno for a while now ☺️

OH! I didn't know it was translated. I'll definitely read that.

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