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Phantom of Inferno setup help


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I've been trying to set this game up following the guide on this site and other information I've found. I haven't been successful as each time the subtitles in the game are delayed and the game itself is delayed at points. When attempting to use MPC HC with PowerDvD the files never showed. If anyone has got this working any help  would be greatly appreciated.

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1 hour ago, Emi said:

From what i can see many have issues with mpc hc as its old. alot of things dont work in 64bit version. but not sure. 
what program are you using. fairly certain you can manually sync subs in most nowdays. 


I'm currently trying to get it to work in VLC. I dock the disc with Windows and it runs for a bit before the subs start to desync. I tried to delay the subs with VLC but it didn't make a difference.

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