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Kagetsu Tohya & Tsukihime Problems


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First thing that comes to mind is that the settings files and such are read-only.

Files are:





Both games have the same files except tsukihime doesn't have NScrllog.dat. He should delete these files and let the game generate them again.

These files should not be included in the torrent at all.

For example the people downloading Kagetsu Tohya will never see this screen:


Because the settings file that comes with the torrent has that question already answered. Same thing with Tsukihime.

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how about how to fix the wrong pict in kagetsu tohya?


I've finished the game once, but when I try to unlock more and goes to the H scene of len, [well this is embarrassing] the 1st 3 of the graphics are all mixed up, even in galleries, if you click the thumbnail, the other picture shows up.


Thanks in advance

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