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Sakura, Moyu. -as the Night's, Reincarnation- Translation Project


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Sakura, Moyu. -as the Night's, Reincarnation-


"This is a story for your life."

Game Info



VNDB: https://vndb.org/v22313

Title: さくら、もゆ。-as the Night's, Reincarnation-

Developer: FAVORITE


A long time ago, a group of special girls known as ‘mahou shoujos’ saved the world after a fierce battle where blood and tears were shed and prayers were made. It was an overly common battle tale. However, no one thanked or praised them for their victory. In fact, no one even knew them at all. Even so, the future of humanity was protected and it came to a happy end.

Now around ten years later, it was spring, the season of meetings and farewells. Those who had once saved the world have forgotten ‘magic’ and lived as normal girls with ordinary encounters and problems. Taiga was approached by the transfer student Haru, who made a request of him:

“Please turn me back into a mahou shoujo.”

This is my first ever project as a translator, and as such, I do not expect to have the highest quality or even speed at the start.

However, I really, really love this game. This game is the reason I decided to learn Japanese. I consider it a true work of art.

I believe that more people deserve to know about this game and play it, which is why I will continue to translate it,

proofread it, and edit it until the very end, until I'm satisfied, hoping that it becomes a "letter" to the "future".

Current Progress
More than halfway through the common route. (As of 24th may)

The project began on 2nd April, 2023.

Link for line-to-line progress: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L68NfunZeGM0haORPlxe1lt_1TRH273KbSN0_mEsMK0/edit?usp=sharing

(Will divide progress route-wise after I complete the main route.)

Lead: @Xelane

Translator/Editor: @Xelane

Programmer: Kazuto Hitori

Playtester: Muzz

Not recruiting anyone as of now.

Will release the first patch after the common route is done.


If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to express them.

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While this being translated would be awesome, it needs a quality TL to do such a great game justice. If you are still learning JP and are not at a high level, I am not sure you should pick up such a massive project as your first. Also, Nekonyan or Sekai Project may pick this up at some point.

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Thanks for the replies.
As for the quality of the translation, I will let people judge when I release the first patch. I plan to revise it multiple times.
I do know that the translation is difficult compared to other games; anyone who has played this game till the end would know. Translating the first scene itself is probably one of the hardest tasks, and it requires great understanding of both: The language and the story. 
I would say my Japanese is fairly good, although my translation would probably not compare to the likes of Sekai Project or NekoNyan(I have seen the works of both of them).
While I can agree on other games deserving an English translation as well, I simply want to prioritize this one as it is my favorite.
Nevertheless, I do not plan on stopping either until I complete it satisfactorily, or until someone else does.

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Sakuramoyu eh? Let's just say that it's one of four VNs that I mention when there's a trend in Twitter that ask us to tell which four VNs that you want to be localized, and so I mentioned this. As for the project here, I would say that the biggest difficulties here would be keeping your tempo in the future, especially with a lot of real life stuffs that can be in your way to finishing up the project (Doubly so with the length of Sakuramoyu). Still, I hope that you'll be able to finish this project, so good luck to the project there.

PS - I know that FAVORITE have a deal with both Sekai and Nekonyan, but seeing that both have considerable backlog to work with, I'm not counting them to work on this because it might be too much for now (Though if one of them decided to deal with this, then good for either of them).

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As long as you are open to constructive criticism and are transparent about your effort. If your Japanese is pretty good, perhaps the TL might be better than what those publishers put out. Especially if you are true to what is said in the Japanese text. In many cases they over localize and edit it which ruin what is in the original text. Sometimes they add crap that should not even be there. It sounds like you have a great passion for this game, which I share with you. It has to be if not the best one of the best modern visual novels out there. I look forward to your common route patch. I think with just that in English, people will see what a masterpiece this is.

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