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visual novels similar to serial experiments lain or cemetery mary?


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hi! i really enjoyed both the anime and the game for serial experiments lain and i would love to find some visual novels with similar elements of philosophy and otherworldlyness! another media i really enjoyed was cemetery mary by Arcadekitten so if you have any mystery novels similar to cemetery mary like mystery or pyschological horror esque vns similar to either serial experiments lain or cemetery mary! thank you so much i look foward to playing the suggestions you give me!

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Nitroplus is your bread and butter company for that type of game.  All their games are kinda out there.  However, Chaos; Head and Steins; Gate are the obvious ones for the Serial Experiments comparison.

Owaru Sekai to Birthday

Futagoza no Paradox

A bit farther out there is the ~rururu series by Smee, as in Harumade, Kururu and its successors.  



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