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Anime Central 2023 Announcements

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Unlike last year when Nekonyan also participate, this time we have Mangagamer and Sekai Project announced some title, although those title are not a big one.


Announcement 1 - Uchi no Koibito




This is the final game of Argonauts’ Uchikano trilogy. Keisuke started working this year and is satisfied with his life, since he found a job in his desired field, even though it’s for a small company. However, despite the motivation and satisfaction of living alone for the first time, he did feel a bit tired from it and wondered if he should find a girlfriend.

Then one day, he happened to hurt his arm, and two beautiful girls Chika and Yuri ended up living together with him. They were quite kind despite their flashy looks, and took good care of him with getting through his daily routine. They had a dream which he also shared, and they gradually became closer to each other.

Announcement 2 - Nightmare x Vampire




Kidzuki Rei is a female student who lost her parents since she was young. Being a grandchild of a Romanian vampire, Rei inherits only a quarter of a vampire bloodline, so she looks and lives a normal life like anyone else. She always keeps a wooden sword which belonged to her late father, a swordsman master, by her side to serve as her father's memento and to hone her skill in order to eradicate her parents' enemy, the demons.

Upon learning the information about demons, Rei transfers to a certain school where she meets a female student there. The student's name is Shindou Setsuna who defeats demons like Rei but as an exorcist. However, Rei and Setsuna don't get along due to their different natures.

Even so, they recognize each other's abilities while fighting against the demons and the became closer. Along with Setsuna, Rei starts to open her heart up for Yuka (Setsuna's older sister) and Touma (the sisters' childhood friend) as they work with each other.

Sadly, what awaits Rei is seemingly unending hell of pleasure...

Sekai Project

Announcement 1 - Kemonomichi Girlish Square Love + Plus



Contains fluffy & ecchi afterstories for the heroines of the main game.

Announcement 2 - Kemonomichi Girlish Square 



By the way, Mangagamer actually also released Uchi no Koibito in which it made all three parts of Uchi trilogy available in English. With Shiravune take over the first part of Succubus Session trilogy, I wonder if Mangagamer will license Bishoujo Gakuen trilogy later. Sekai, well they did a good job for being predictable with Kemonomichi aka Animal Trail license instead of trying to pick up some bigger title from the same company such as Unless Terminalia.

That's all for Anime Central 2023 announcements here.

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