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How to extract .dpm files or Hot Soup Processor games?

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Hello, I am trying to extract text from .dpm files, or from Hot Soup Processor games. Some old post from 2015 says its possible using Susie plugin, but I have no idea how to use it nor is there any guide out there to show this. Additionally, garbro does not work on .dpm files entirely, only specific formats. I'm looking if anyone has a tool to extract text from .dpm files, or if they know how to properly translate hot soup processor games. If anyone could point me to a guide, it would be greatly appreciated.

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.pck is likely to be some custom format representing a "pack" of files, so anyone wanting to take a try would need to know which game you're talking about.

Out of things on my drive right now, I see that the 1994 X-Com game represents a bunch of assets as "pck" files, but I have no idea if that's what you're talking about (and I'd point you to OpenXCom for info about its formats, if it is).

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