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Magical Battle Festa~!


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What is this?

Fighter/brawler mix(You get to have battles with upto 4 peeps at once) with some lite RPG elements in story mode I believe.

This has some more info on the story itself: http://www.ricedigital.co.uk/first-look-magical-battle-festa-prologue/

Also has multiplayer.


Does it have a translation?

No, though the official Facebook page mentioned an english version was in the works last August.

It's quite easy to pick up and play however.

General controls(default scheme):

Z: Jump, press twice(quickly or in midair) to do a high speed dash in a particular direction. Pressing again while in a dash and while holding a different direction should allow you to do multiple dashes.

Also is the select/accept button in menus.


X: If standing still, will do a simple dodge after which you can quickly counterattack. Pressing X while holding a direction will execute a dodge/dash in said direction. Combine the latter with Z and (I think) arrow keys to dodge up/down and cover more distance.

Also the cancel/back button in menus.


Enter: When setting up a random match(Second option by going down once in main menu BTW), will progress to the next screen where you can select stages and what not. Press again to start the match~!


C: Your standard melee attack. Can chain multiple times. Hold C to do a more powerful attack.


V: Standard ranged attack. Hold for a more powerful attack.


NOTE: Pressing either C or V while moving towards your opponent from a fair distance does a lunging attack of some sort which stuns the opponent for a second. Also both C and V during a high speed dash will do a fairly powerful attack.


A: Overdrive mode. Only thing I know is that pressing A again in this mode executes a powerful Overdrive attack which uses up the entire gauge, don't know if there are any other effects.


S: Allows you to select different formations for your 'nodes'/support units. Basically, hold S,  then press NUM8/4/2/6 for a particular formation. Each formation has different advantages.


D: Holding D will allow you to guard. Note you can only guard frontal attacks, and your guard can break.


Q: Lock on to nearest enemy. Press again to switch. Note: Could be wrong, but AFAIK this will not automatically target your attacks, so be sure to face your enemy so as to land your hits or you will risk being wide open.


W: Cancel lock on.


NUM5: Apparently does something called a Chaindrive Mode. Not sure how it helps, though I believe combining Overdrive and Chaindrive one after another *should* activate Ultimate mode, after which one of the buttons should allow you to use the characters ultimate.


Arrow keys: Movement in both menu and battle. Note that some formations affect movement style and speed.


Where do I get this?

Refer here: http://fly-system.net/product/mbf/

Also: https://www.facebook.com/mbf.ion

Apparently you can order it here if you are not in Japan: http://ec.akgb.jp/category/select/cid/455/bid/307/pid/13619


Otherwise, go here: http://doujinstyle.com/?p=7934

Requires 7-Zip to extract the ISO, then a mounting tool to...well, mount the ISO. You will be done after a simple installation process.


A little note, maybe it's just my system, but it seems to work fine even if the locale is not set to Japan.


So, anyone here playing this? :V Just started today, and it's pretty fun~

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