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Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder [Released 2017, DLC in 2020]


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Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder is a kinetic murder mystery visual novel created by Goldbar Games. Originally released in 2013, re-released on Steam in 2017, and updated with DLC in 2020. Over the past 10 years, the game has reached over 50,000 players, with an 81% positive rating on Steam. A sequel is currently in development.


In 1962, a popular cruise ship went out of business after the accidental deaths of two of its passengers. Ever since, the ship has been rumored to be haunted by ghosts, becoming an attraction for tourists interested in the occult.

50 years later, the ship has been revived by the owner's grandson, and will set sail on its maiden voyage. The CEO of a wealthy company takes the executive board members on board, as well as his son Gilligan, to celebrate their company's success.

There, Gilligan happens to meet a young man by the name of Butler. As the two of them delve deeper into the ship's past, another incident occurs on board... and it seems only Detective Butler will be able to solve it.



- Nearly 40,000 words (3-5 hours of reading)
- Choices DLC includes additional 40,000 words (3-5 more hours)
- Journal to keep track of characters and clues
- A fair-play locked room mystery to solve
- 9 CGs and 29 original songs
- Additional bonus content unlocked upon completion

Play for free on Steam | Buy the DLC

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