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[RevShare] Looking for artists, music creators, and the like for a dramatic VN about a group of high schoolers

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Hello! I've been wanting to make a VN for a while, and I have plenty of ideas, but since this will be my first time making a big project with Ren'Py (as opposed to small tests), I've decided to keep the gameplay simple - just choices, no add-ons. I'm mostly in the planning stage as of now, but I think I can get started on the writing and programming soon.
In line with what I said above, I can definitely write, and I know how to use Ren'Py, but I have no skills related to art or making music, and so I'm looking for people who can help me with that. I'm planning to make the VN a commercial project to release on Steam, and I want to split the revenue with any team members.
The VN I want to write is called Sea Foam. It takes place in the city of Santa Barbara, California, and follows a group of troubled high school students. The player character (whose default name is Cindy) has just moved there, and the VN starts with her first day at her new school, where she meets some new friends - and potentially some foes! While things start off rather cliched, they get more dramatic over the course of the month of April.
The characters are:

  • Cindy, the player character
  • Bridget, a cheerful, almost manic girl who dreams of becoming a drummer
  • Mariko, a shy girl who is Erica's best friend; she recently had a rather tumultuous breakup with Jackson
  • Erica, a confident theatre nerd with an interest in a nearby cave system
  • Andres, an anxious bookworm who is your first friend at your new school
  • Jackson, a rather rough and abrasive boy who is Mariko's ex
  • Toby, Jackson's much friendlier twin brother, who you save from being hit by a truck early on

There will be multiple routes and endings depending on the choices you make along the way. Certain choices may lead to certain interactions, which can lead to even more choices! There are also some romance elements, but love isn't the main issue of the plot, and there will be no explicit sexual content. However, some possibly triggering things are addressed, so proceed with caution.
Each character has their own serious issues, and as the game goes on, these issues wind up causing more and more trouble until one climactic night at the end of the month. During this night, several characters may be in danger of dying, and the player only has time to save three at most. There is no golden ending where everyone is saved - the player has to make their choice and deal with the consequences. I've also planned a few bad endings, and some characters simply shouldn't be interacted with. I don't want to spoil much for those of you who might want to play Sea Foam when it comes out, so I'll leave it at that. More details will be given to my teammates :D .
As for teammates, I'm looking for people who can make art and/or music. I'm hoping for anime-style art, and as for the music, I'm just looking for something that fits the tone of the story. If you could show me a sample of something you've made, that would be great.
If you're interested in working on this project, please comment below or send me a message. I've got a Discord server set up for easy communication. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to tell me! I appreciate your feedback.
I'm rather new to game dev, so I apologize if I'm not wording this right.

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