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Radio of the Golden Witch - Translation and Radio Station

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Sometime ago I stumbled upon Episode R: Radio of the Golden Witch and I was kinda fascinated by it. As someone who really enjoyed Umineko and all it's surrounding lore and background, I was amazed that I never heard of it before. Hearing all those voices again really gave me some flashbacks. But I just couldn't find a translation of all episodes. Maybe I searched in the wrong places, but if anyone ha a translation of each episode to read along to, I'd gladly take it.~

Adding to that, it's no secret that the whole OST of Umineko is kind of a banger. But I had one problem: I could never decide which song to listen to. I always ended up skipping a lot of songs until finding the right one that I wanted to listen to.  I was never able to restrain myself not to skip, so I thought about alternative ideas.

Right around that time, I found out about AzuraCast, an internet radio station that one can self-host. Since I do have my own home lab, I started playing around with it, setting it up and trying it out. After a short while my first radio station went live and there I had my next idea: Why not combine my not existing self-restrain not to skip any songs and this newly created radio station. And thus the Golden Radio was born!


https://goldenradio.moe is a website that plays the complete Umineko OST 24/7 and to make it feel more like an actual radio station, I added all episodes of Episode R! Since there are only ten episodes, I'm only playing one roughly every 1–2 hours. If there is a specific song you'd like to hear, you can just request it, and it will be played as the next song.


Or if you prefer to listen to it On-Demand, you can also do that as well!


Or if you prefer to listen to it via your favorite music player, that is also possible. I've linked to the direct stream of the radio, so that you just need to add it to your player; for example, Poweramp.


Since it's all based on AzuraCast, it has its own listening page as well, if one prefers it or my bodged site shits the bed.


In any case, I had a lot of fun tinkering with it and setting it up. I would be really happy if some of you would check it out and leave some feedback! (And if there is a web designer hiding here, please don't shoot me <-<. I'm open for ideas on how to make it better!)

And if it's ever down or not reachable, you can check my uptime page!



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