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Getchu Bishoujo Game Awards 2022

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It's time for Getchu Awards again, even though it's later than usual. The winner for Getchu Awards 2022 here is Hentai Prison, and I'll list top 20 below. Oh yes, as usual you can view the source from this link.

1. Hentai Prison - Qruppo



-"Tulip Prison"
This is a place where only sex offenders who have been judged "impossible to rehabilitate" are incarcerated nationwide. The mythical Ninth Correctional Precinct was a prison with no escape, built on a solitary island in the distant seas.

In Tokyo there lived a boy named Minato Shuuichirou. The police knew him as "Flasher." He couldn't stand the concept of clothing, and it was his very nature to be completely naked.

On impulse, he would risk his life countless times to expose himself day-after-day. Then, on one beautiful, well-lit day, he was arrested for public indecency and obstruction of justice.

In court, he defended his actions, stating that exposing one's self was a form of art, but not one person sympathized with him. He was found guilty on counts of assaulting a police officer and repeated indecent exposure. For his crimes, he was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment with hard labor.

Furthermore, he was judged as "impossible to rehabilitate," and was incarcerated in Tulip Prison.

Can this exhibitionist survive in a prison dominated by wicked beings? This prison of sex offenders, known as "HENTAI," is by no means a paradise.

2. Jewelry Hearts Academia -We will wing wonder world- - Cabbage Soft



"Shine, our Will."

Phrygia Royal, Academy of Jewelry, is a place where mysterious gem stone called "The Will (意志 Ishi)" are researched.

The main characte- Mare, a kemonomimi beast who has a rare talent.
- Markus, a foreign prince with the worst grades and attitude.
- Arianna, the only decent conscience member in the class.

The Pegasus Class group is made up of six boys and girls with different purposes and nationalities.
They often rebel against each other, but soon find themselves facing a crisis that threatens the world.

"The Stone Eaters", a mysterious disaster that threatens to petrify the entire Nova continent. Located on the front lines, they become embroiled in a struggle against the "Medusa," the organization responsible for the disaster.

"Let's go, everyone - let's give it everything what we've got!"

Will Soma be able to accomplish his mission and able to overcome the threat of petrification that threatens to destroy the continent?

An adventure tale of The Wills and bonds that fly across the world - here it shines.

3. Hamidashi Creative Totsu - Madosoft



A fandisc that includes after stories for the four main heroines and a new route for sub-heroine Ameri.

Ameri: Entering summer holiday, Tomohiro remembers a promise he made with Ameri. Thinking back on it, he planned a castle tour plan with the student council, but on the tour, things began to roll in an unexpected direction.

Hiyori: It's been a year since Tomohiro dated his little sister, it's a new life that's filled with affection and... jealousy?

Kano: Finally the two of them begin to rent their love nest. There's a lot in this new life that could not be shown to kids.

Asumi: While Asumi is unexpectedly assertive in their harmonious love life, she is preparing to jump into a big live stage...!

Shio: Big shock as the former all-in-one former student council president repeats a year. She's plotting a revenge in the next school festival...!?

4. Ambitious Mission - Saga Planets




Sahoro City. In this city, there is a legend that says that all those who have obtained all twelve stars called "Ambitious" can have their ambitions granted.
And one of those people pursuing the "Ambitious" will appear in Sahoro City tonight.

"A Warning letter: Tonight, I will take the beautiful starry sky of this city.
Miss Arte, the phantom thief."

The main character, Nezu Mikage, happens to be at the crime scene.
By chance, he discovers the phantom thief true identity.
He can tell that the phantom thief is the ojousama of his class, Kaguya Arise.

She has to eliminate every possibility of being found out by those around her, "So... I will steal... your heart and your sigh."

Kaguya, who didn't want her identity to be exposed, tried to draw Mikage into the Phantom Thief Club, which she had created to fulfill her ambitions, but... it does not seem to be working well.

That's when the orphanage, where Mikage was born and raised, fell into a predicament.
Miss Arte, who appears there, exposed the hidden "truth" and easily protected the orphanage.

"Is it different from a thief?"
"Yes, steal the hearts of those who see it, and steal everyone's sigh. That's the Phantom Thief."
"Fine. I'll help you and your 'ambitions'."

"Miss Arte the Phantom Thief" and "Midnight the Phantom Thief". Just as the two phantom thieves joined forces, the curtain rose on the hidden "truth" in the night of Sahoro City.

5. Same to Ikiru Nanokakan - Cube



One night, Fukami Kyouhei suddenly found himself lying on an unfamiliar beach. Looking around, all he saw were the vast ocean and sandy beach...... Drowning in confusion, other than that, he also felt something strange on his head and when he fearfully checked it out——

"Agu, Agu"

A naked girl with a shark-like appearance was biting Kyouhei's head. Surprised by that moment, he fled from that spot, and this time, even though it was still in the middle of the night, he thought that he saw a girl in a bathing suit.

"Thank God~~! You're alive~~!"

The girl hugged him, there were so many things that he couldn't even understand anymore. While he was listening to the girl that hugged him who claimed to be his childhood friend, the naked shark-like girl from earlier caught up with him. Kyouhei panicked, and when he was trying to escape, the naked shark-like girl pointed at him and said——

"Kuu. Assaulted, this person."

The air hardened. The girl who is his childhood friend was taken aback by this, and while she was giving Kyouhei the cold stare, the naked shark-like girl spun a precise word.

"Kuu. Assaulted, by, this person."

Siren blared, cold handcuffs put on...... Fukami Kyouhei, only a few minutes after regaining consciousness, is already in a crisis——!

A powerful sporty girl who claimed to be Kyouhei's childhood friend, Hoshiro Remi.

A beautiful high-handed girl who likes B-grade gourmet food and comes to the island for sightseeing, Tenjiku Amane.

And, named after her cute animal-like sound manner of speaking, "Kuuko", the girl with a shark-like appearance——

On this island full of mysteries, while encountering various girls over and over, Kyouhei gets tangled up in a tumultuous fate——

6. Tsui no Stella - Key



If I make it to the other side of the sky, I can become human...

Earth has been taken over by a group of machines that created a "singularity."
Humanity is forced to live hidden in the shadows.

One day a transporter receives an odd request.
Their cargo this time will be a girl android developed as a family member substitute.
She is unaffected by the Singularity Machines.

Despite being put off by the girl's naive behavior, the transporter sets out on the journey.
Sometimes it's human bandits they must evade, other times it's the machines they run from.
Undeterred by such dangerous situations, they press on to make the delivery.

The girl often talks about wanting to become human.
Their destination is a space elevator, so tall it appears to pierce the sky.
The rumor is that androids who make it to the top can be made human, but is it true?

7. Unless Terminalia - Whirlpool



8. Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Oppai Maid Gakuen! - Milk Factory




The protagonist loves boobs and maids above all else. He visits a maid café everyday where his childhood friend, Mei, works and dreams about one day becoming a real master while playing a maid themed social game. Suddenly one day, the screen on his phone starts shining. Before they knew it, he, Mei and Mei's mother, Maasa, were transported to another world. They arrived at a bathhouse of a maid academy, where various races learn to become good maids! They encounter nine maids that shake their nice, plump breasts.

Soon after, the chairwoman of the maid academy told him that the nine maids he had met at the bathhouse had been cursed by a certain curse and could not serve their masters. They are known as the "Damned Maids". However, the curse of this world does not apply to the protagonist, a visitor from another world, and it turns out that the cursed maids are people who can serve him. The protagonist is begged by the chairwoman to become the master of those girls. To become the master of maids at the maid academy in Fifrecia, the country of maids....this request did not need much thinking to answer.

"I'LL DO IT!!"

Thus, the protagonist finally became the master he has longed to be. For the cursed maids, as well, the appearance of a master to serve was a long-cherished accomplishment. The maids compete with each other to serve the protagonist with their erotic services. The mothers of the maids also provide support for their daughters, seducing the protagonist with the services of their voluptuous bodies. In addition, when the protagonist arrived in another world, he had acquired an irregular skill, the "dirty service skill". This skill boosts the sincerity and ulterior motives of the maids, and both parents and children serve the protagonist with their dirty services. And so the goal is to win the most prestigious competition in Fifrecia, the "MAID-1 Grand Prix". Who would have thought that these girls, who were abhorred as cursed maids, would gain a master who appeared from another world and later cause a great upheaval in the Grand Prix? The protagonist's sexual battle, led by 10 maids (plus their mothers), including Mei, is now about to begin!

"I'm going to raise all my titty maids to be perverted maids with the best of intentions and ulterior motives!"

9. Criminal Border: 1st Offence - Purple Software



It doesn't matter whether you are an otaku or not―――

Ninomae Itsuki, a boy who doesn't have any particular skill, enjoys making clichéd MAD videos. One day, after a series of coincidences, he ends up creating an "electronic drug video" which gives strong sexual arousal just by looking at it.

"I wonder what will happen if I show this to that girl who looks down on me."

A dark desire rises up from within him.

In the end, he succeeds in showing the video to his childhood friend Akinashi Rin, and also discovers her secret hidden behind the mask of an honors student.

"Let's do business using this electronic drug."
Rin proposes this "business" to him.

Papakatsu, yakuza, criminal gangs――

In the underworld that he shouldn't be a part of, Itsuki finds himself swept away.

10. Houkago Cinderella 2 - Hooksoft



As the first buds of spring bloom, Kuzumi Arata finds himself starting anew in a town far from home. Plagued by regrets from his past student life, he wonders what he's been doing with his youth. A part-time job may have kept him financially afloat, but it couldn't fill the void of feeling left out while watching his peers excel in clubs and find love. Determined to turn over a new leaf, he sets his sights on a fresh start at his new school.

Luck seems to be on his side as he meets a cast of exciting characters, including friendly classmates, a beautiful and reserved one, a girl he met on the train, and a cheeky kouhai who keeps him on his toes. However, Kuzumi still struggles with figuring out how to make the most of his student life. That is, until he listens to Oze Hazuki, the kind daughter of his landlord, and decides to enjoy himself at his new school.

But as he settles into his new routine, Kuzumi can't shake the feeling that something is missing. It isn't until he examines his heart that he realizes his true desire: to have an idyllic student life, complete with a girlfriend by his side as they walk home from school together. With this new goal in mind, Kuzumi must find his way through the twists and turns of love and relationships as he tries to live the perfect student life.

11. Futamata Ren'ai - ASa Project



An absolutely lovely awakening: The chirping of the birds... and somebody's warmth.

"I'll have you take responsibility so... um... you'll be my boyfriend from now on, got it?"

He was supposed to be taking care of a girl he met at a mixer, Toiro Kirame. However, he was mistaken for having a one-night stand with her; the both of them unable to comprehend the situation, the protagonist, Koga Nao, is made to take responsibility.

"I'll agree to go out with you! Be glad, Koga-kun."

However, his unrequited love, Nobuta Yua, suddenly declares that they will be dating.
Having been expressing his love for a while, he is unable to decline at that point----

And, just like that, having made two girlfriends, our protagonist happily makes his debut as a two-timing sack of shit.

Maintaining his two relationships, he worries about what he would do from then on, then his relationships begin to change. And, what's more, his girlfriends begin to suspect him, driving him further and further up the wall.

Will he dive into the quicksand of love that threatens to sink him further than two-timing? Or, will he seek out a happy ending where nobody is hurt?

How will this story that begins with two spontaneous romances unfold? Thoroughly unpredictable, the curtain draws on this quagmire of a love-comedy!

12. Anetomo - Atelier Kaguya Bare & Bunny




The protagonist who's always being teased by his sister ends up in the same school as her and their childhood friend, Shinoa, and he's being forced into their literature club.
However the club is in danger if they dont win the next summer competition. Otherwise the club will be abolished.
In exchange for making the protagonist do the work, the girls all help out by giving him some extra services. Meanwhile Eimi, the protagonist older sister, declared war against the other girls and wont let them have her brother.

13. Study Steady 2 - Marmalade



Meeting with you.

That is the beginning of her "love" study. Encounter turns into friendship, showing various sides of each other, and eventually, friendship turns into affection.

By chance, she might start to call you by your nickname.
Just by that alone, the relationship between you two will begin to change in a big way. Under the summer sky, on the beach, watching the fireworks together... will surely make you feel closer to her.

By chance, she might wear an attire that is different than usual. Instinctively, you may be thrilled to see her in a different feel than at the school.

As you two spend your days together, you will eventually become true lovers.

A new love study that begins in the summer. Sparkling days like hot sunshine. Just for you and her, an irreplaceable story is surely out there.

14. Ao no Kanats no Four Rhythm EXTRA 2 - sprite


The after story for Misaki.

15. RE:D Cherish - CRYSTALiA




In 206X, the resort island "Eleutheria" floats on the Adrishina Sea. The protagonist, Kusaka Yukimitsu, comes to an earthly paradise that advocates "freedom for all". Deprived of his work, his hometown, his beliefs, everything he once had up to that point...

There, Yukimitsu meets a gray-haired girl, Unica. She lost her father, and her cherished place of memories--the diner restaurant is in the hands of others and everything is taken away. Unica had a dream "I want to revive the diner".

Yukimitsu reaches out to her. I'll help you. So give me a dream.

This is Eleutheria. The city of freedom that has gone too far, the city of dreams where anything goes.

The preparation of the dishes is perfect, the kitchen is flawless. Spare magazines <Magazine> are enough, safety device <Safety> is released.

"Everyone, are you all ready? Daft Dream Diner is now open...!"

--Eat <Bread> and drink <Wine> for those who are lost, may it be the food <Food> for tomorrow--

16. Amanatsu - Azarashi Soft



Surrounded by the blue sea and green mountains, the protagonist moved there.
For him, who has been struggling with the competitive society of the city, this is not a place to retreat, but a new battlefield.

――It was supposed to be.

But, there was no such thing.
From the first day at his new school, he is taken out by his classmates, enjoying what they do, and being inspired by them.

Meanwhile, the three girls that the protagonist met also changed him again: a bright and lively kouhai who has a shocking encounter, Amahara Kogane; a shrine maiden senpai who looks out of this world but is surprisingly mischievous, Kaminashi Yashiro; a tsundere girl and daughter of the landlord who takes care of the protagonist, Ainokura Kazuha.

In the vividness of summer, the love that is born between them will eventually turns into a deep love.

Friendship and love are interwoven.
A love story that only students can tell begins.

17. Role player: Tororo Shimai no Nenmaku Portrait - Gurigucha LIVE! - AKABEiSOFT2




One day, I lost something precious.

I went to several cosplay events, and took some pictures to satisfy my lust. However, the camera that contained all the pictures was destroyed in an unfortunate accident.

Perhaps they didn't want to see my cry anymore, the Yamakake sisters, Sana and Yua, who were involved in the accident, said to me;

"Would you like us to cosplay for you instead?"

I accepted their offer.

Their bodies look lewder than anything that I have ever seen in any erotic manga, and they were willing to be my very own cosplayers!!

I put the skills I learned as a fashion student and my hobby of making costumes for dolls to good use, creating costumes for the sisters, and as luck would have it, I was given tickets to the cosplay resort "Costaria", located on a remote island.

This was an opportunity for me to get the best portraits in Costaria. However, what awaited me on that island was so much more than I could imagine!

"Let's have a different kind of cosplay today."

"Erotic role-playing. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

The sisters whispered those words to me.

With my very own cosplayers, I'm going to make extreme and intimate portraits that cannot be shown to anyone.

I wonder if it's okay to make them──

18. Yuunagi-sou no S-kyuu no Kanojo-tachi - Moonstone Cherry




This old dormitory is a mysterious place. It is protected by a mysterious power that ordinary people can not approach. In the middle of the city, within a bamboo grove, Yuunagi-Sou quietly resides....

Yuunagi-Sou has only had women living there, including the manager. They are all beautiful, but each one has something eccentric about them.

They were all beautiful girls.... with an "S-Class" ability.

The protagonist of this story, Saikawa Rin, has returned to his hometown for the first time in a long time. When he began looking for an apartment, he stumbled upon Yuunagi-Sou. The building is old but grand, and all the residents are beautiful women. He was happy to move in.

But he does not know the truth. That only "S-Class" people can move in.... He does not know yet that he is, in fact, an "S-Class Boy."

19. Tomodachi Kara Koibito e - Azarashi Soft



Our protagonist, Yoshiki Michinaga, works for a game company, Nozarashi Soft.

His boss forces him to attend a speed dating event and it is there he gets to know two friends who also happen to be there:

Mizore Susukawa, who outside of her day job works as a scenario writer on the side;

and Hisagi Amakusa, who balances part time jobs along with her voiceover work.

Remarkably, it appears as if Yoshiki and the two women have managed to make friends with people who work in the same industry.

As the three continue to hang out more and more, their bonds grow stronger.

And it is there that Yoshiki's feelings for "her" begin to change bit by bit.

20. Mahou Senshi FINAL IGNITION - Triangle




It has been several years since the existence of magic, which was thought to be a supernatural power existed only in fantasies, had been accepted as reality. Since then, many things such as Magic Calamities, lurking monsters, the incorporation of magic into scientific civilization, and the existence of another world's civilized society 「Roa」 happened as if the world itself refused to remain at peace.

Chaos did not only occur in the world but also in Roa as well. The person who is responsible for the kingdom's security and acts as a symbol of justice is Queen Tearna Lilian Transylveil. However, a person claiming to be Tearna's son from the future of a parallel world has shown up.

The son's name is Kiel and his supposed father is Metzer Heinkel, the man who almost achieved world domination and is responsible for the current destruction and chaos but sealed away. Due to Kiel wishing to follow his father's path of evil, many start to be suspicious of Tearna's authority. While Roa's security is shaken, Keel breaks Metzer's seal made by the Mahou Senshi (Magical Warrior) and releases his father.

As a result, the feeling of distrust on Tearna grows larger, and the Loan regime is in the dagnger of collapsing. In order to restore peace to both the world and Roa, Tearna once again throws herself into the battlefield as Mahou Senshi Eternal Tear.

Of course as usual we have the awards for each categories, and here's the best VNs for each categories.

  • Best Scenario: Hentai Prison
  • Best Game System: Role player: Tororo Shimai no Nenmaku Portrait - Gurigucha LIVE!
  • Best Graphic: Unless Terminalia
  • Best Soundtrack: Jewelry Hearts Academia -We will wing wonder world-
  • Best Movie: Hentai Prison
  • Best Character: Izumi Hiyori from Hamidashi Creative Totsu
  • Best Erotic Contents: Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Oppai Maid Gakuen!

Well it's interesting to note that both of high rated VNs for both RAW and the translated version are happen to be fandisc, moreso with Aokana EXTRA2 is conveniently available for both sides with it currently has the best average score for translated VN in 2022 on VNDB, although the one who vote for Getchu are apparently prefer Hamidashi Creative Totsu (I still lament on how Sekai decide to release the main game in Chinese language first despite that it make sense from business perspective). Anyway once again I'll try to comment more on this later, but if anything else at least we'll going to have two VNs from top 20 being translated, with another VN is Tsui no Stella that Key already announced the localization of it.

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Lol, not sure if you are being sarcastic. Hentai Prison was top 4 in EGS for a while, and is generally considered one of the top VN's of all time in the Japanese side.

No Black Sheep Town I'm guessing as it's not being sold in getchu.

While still quite far from its golden years, overall, 2022 was a strong year for VN's.


Edit: Just to give some more background on how good 2022 was, here is a Japanese Youtuber's review on his top VN's for the year:

5. Tsui no Stella

4. Ihanashi no Majo

3. Aokana Extra 2

2. Mahou Tsukai No Yoru

Hidden MVP: Black Sheep Town

Honorable Mention: Eve ghost enemies

1. Hentai Prison

Hentai Prison and Black Sheep Town tying for 1st. Makes me look forward to Henpri when I get the chance to read it.

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You really question the validity of such a list and the tastes of Japanese people when 5 nukiges are on the list, and Tsui no Stella is not. Also, is Hamadachi Creative Totsu such a kamige that it made it so high on the list, despite it being a fandisc - which is usually an excuse for H-scenes.


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Posted (edited)

At least there's no re-release like back in 2021 Awards, but it's quite noticeable that the fandisc (Hamidashi Creative Totsu) somehow ending up in top three. Also now that Nemesis mentioned it, I realize that there's no Black Sheep Town in top 20 list despite that it's one of well received VNs released in 2022, although perhaps it may be because there's no sex scenes in it (And that it's not sold in Getchu). For Hentai Prison, well I just say that it better to temper the expectation so that the player won't be disappointed in case it didn't met the high expectation, or else you may have same reaction like the late Conjueror when he reviewed Nukitashi.

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On 3/6/2023 at 8:29 AM, LAsuka said:

You really question the validity of such a list and the tastes of Japanese people when 5 nukiges are on the list, and Tsui no Stella is not.

It's there, you know. Look at #6.

On 3/3/2023 at 7:40 PM, ChaosRaven said:

First place got what? Hentai Prison?!? :shock:

Well, it was a weak year...

Honestly, I thought the same thing. I don't know, maybe some of these VNs are actually better than they seem from the descriptions, but so far the only VN from this list I find myself interested in is Tsui no Stella, and only because it's Key.

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