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How annoying is Minatogawa Tamami? (Moshimo Ashita ga Hare naraba)


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 I have been reading dark and depressing stuff lately.  So I picked this up for a change of pace,  only to find out that this vn has a tsundere.

I avoid the tsundere trope, especially the 'modern' variant, like the plague. And Tamami is taggad as a 'Misandrist' on vndb to boot. I'm kicking myself for slacking on basic research.

So i wanted to know just how annoying she is in the common route. I'm OK with characters being cold and defensive.  But I have ZERO tolerance for verbal  or physical abuse every five minutes. 


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Tsundere annoyance is generally a matter of perspective and usage.  Old-style tsundere usage is fairly stale and boring, and in that sense this VN hasn't aged well.  However, the draw of this game is that it is an old-style nakige more than anything else.  

If you want a change of pace, this - and other games like it - probably isn't the best choice.  While it isn't terribly dark, it is a game that is focused on creating emotional catharsis through contrived 'sad' situations that are later resolved (the standard style made popular by Key's early games).  If you want an emotionally light game, there are a ton of high-quality and emotionally 'light' rom-coms and sol-focused vns out there.  If anything, there is such a plentitude of that type of VN out there that it makes up more than two-thirds of all the non-nukige VNs released over the years.

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