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Anyone have a copy or know where this game is hosted now? (If at all)


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I recently came across this kickstarter and noticed that it’s very old. Their official webpage is down and they haven’t logged onto kickstarter in a couple months. They have another game on steam under their studio but this one isn’t listed anywhere I could easily find. Does anyone know where I can find a download link for it or some place to buy it from? It looks real fun and it would be a shame to let it be lost imo.

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I saw a comment on how they glad that they got the game, so at least the game was managed to be released. That said, there's no Steam page for this so it's already be deleted by the owner or been randomly banned by Valve for some reasons. As for the download link, since it seems that the game is quite not well known, obviously nobody was interested to upload this somewhere and so I can't find the link to download this game.

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I tried to look for info on SteamDB, ITAD, Internet Archive, KS's FAQ, comments, and updates, Gamefaqs, Metacritic and VNDB, but unless I'm not searching properly, it doesn't seem like there's any useful info publicly available. Besides what's been suggested before, at best, what you could try to do is asking about what became of the game on DMs of users from the KS's comment section that say/imply they have played it.

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