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Anybody know the source of this unknown song?

Rin Tohsaka

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The song in question: http://0x0.st/olQT.mp3

There's a freely-available amateur VN that seems to "borrow" music from other sources including anime and other VNs and, while I've been able to identify all of the other songs used in this aforementioned amateur VN, this one song has alluded me even when trying to use reverse music search, so I figured I'd ask here and see if anybody knows of the original source of this song.

One key thing though is that the song is loopable as-is which implies to me that it was taken directly from a game or VN (though possibly still re-encoded to MP3 considering that 99.999% of PC VNs tend to use either LPCM, midi, ADPCM, OGG vorbis, or Opus) - note that I've made no alterations to the file in question (unless you count the file name being stripped out by the temporary file host that I'm using) so, yes, the metadata was indeed completely blank.

For reference, I did try asking the author/dev (it's just 1 person) of the aforementioned amateur VN but that hasn't really gotten anywhere other than learning that the author basically hates doing audio work and just leaves that stuff to the last minute, and I'm getting the impression that they don't particularly seem to keep track of what they've previously done with their audio assets when putting together a new version of their amateur VN. This also greatly implies that the song was also not edited by the author/dev which and that the seamless loop was added/edited after-the-fact, leading farther credence that the song is from a game or VN.

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At first it remind me of YU-NO soundtrack, although it might be more because of the synthesizer. For the closest resemblance, it would be Maya's theme from Persona 2 duology, although I might be stretch it a bit too much. Another thing that I can think is that it might be from Himawari VN, but again I may stretch that as well.

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On 3/4/2023 at 8:09 PM, Mist Ephemeral said:

This is a hard one. Tried using Apple's Shazam, multiple times, even, and the best I got is what appears to be a Swedish remix (I don't speak Swedish, so looking for info on this one is being a challenge):



This song is in one of my collections on Spotify. I'll listen to it again and give you an exact answer.

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