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some horror VN

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hello everyone. Recently i re-read Chaos; head and even a second time give me some chills. feeling of paranoia,madness and despair is really good in first part. 3D little room and blinking added to atmosphere. Same goes for seteins;gate. doki doki literature club is kinda cringe but have some good moments. So i kindly asking for some horror(?) request. Cool if they have some features as jumpscares in doki doki and etc. Thanks 

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As it turns out, I actually know quite a lot of horror/despair/oppressive titles... I rec everything on this list, including ones that may look less appealing on a surface level

Soundless  https://milkplus.itch.io/soundless

Lynne https://ebihime.itch.io/lynne

Girlfriend Simulator (meme title but nice vn) https://ebihime.itch.io/girlfriend-simulator

Arguably Subarashiki Hibi, though it has some much slower parts to it... then again so does s;g. Various patching probably required if you go legit for this one; even if you don't some patches give you more content from newer releases, check the vndb page releases section really.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (especially episode 1, various fantweaks available - cba to even link this one due to it being split on vndb and stuff)

Saya no Uta

Historia (if possible don't read the description for part 2, though you should download that one as it has both ch1 and ch2)

Digital Seclusion




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Fata Morgana

While it has Mystery and a bit of horror in a form of emotional dread, It Leans a bit more into the Theme of Love and Tragedy, and no, not "love" as in those cushy whimsy stereotypical romance anime, but more of a Realism and Historically accurate type, Try to play it Blind since it got a lot of twist and turns especially in the second half, and if you like it you could then play the Prequel "Requiem" for more emotional dread.

Plus the Music Is phenomenal too, since most of it got this angelic vocal track in it, but just bear the first chapter tho since it sometimes got this annoying static noises in the music, it intends to make you uneasy but it sounds just annoying to me.

9/10  Will definitely make you Emotional If not Crying

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Definitely have to echo Saya no Uta. It's a very clear love letter to Lovecraftian horror. It's great on its own, better if you're a Lovecraft fan since it plays around and twists a lot of the things Lovecraft did in his stories.


It's kind of a spoiler to label it as horror, but I think you'd really like



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