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[Released] [GXG] [Supernatural] Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories


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Itch.io Page | Release Devlog (contains known issues)

Hi Fuwanovel! This is papaya from milk+ visual. We just released a brand new short yuri VN! Three Lilies and Their Ghost stories is a kinetic yuri visual novel, featuring three distinct stories surrounding ghosts and lesbian relationships. A romance set in 90s rural China; a horror set in 2010s suburban America; a sci-fi thriller set on a fictional 2030s floating island—one after another, witness three stories and see how thin the line separating us from the afterlife truly is.

With only ~30k words total, ~10k per story, Three Lilies is a free, short title you can take on in an afternoon, with active presentation inspired by the enshutsu in Mahoyo and Tsukire. While this is nowhere near as heavy as our first title Soundless, there are still content warnings for things like suicide from a height, familial death, bullying, vomiting, suggestive content, animal death, discussions of terminal illness (cancer) and climate change speculation. Player discretion is advised.

Full Summary

As long as humans exist, so will their ghosts. Three different areas, three different decades, three different tales. Join our lesbian protagonists on their supernatural adventures—and witness how thin the line separating us from the afterlife truly is.

Lily of the Countryside

During the ‘90s rural migration in China, rumors spread of an "inescapable" abandoned village on one of the Shengsi Islands. A young woman named Song Anna decides to hunt this village down, but during her hike she stumbles and falls into thick fog. When she comes to, Song Anna finds herself in the village...and she’s not alone.

Lily of the Suburb

One Halloween night in 2010s United States, Aayla and Najwa, two college students in a relationship, receive a call from Aayla’s little sister Deja asking for them to pick her up from a party. They’re roped into dropping off two of Deja’s friends, one of which seems oddly tense. On their way to their first stop, they get lost in the neighborhood, and soon find themselves in an empty copy...

Lily of the City

In the 2030s, the United Nations contracts a tech company to build floating cities for displaced climate refugees, which become infamous for their "survivor lottery" systems. One such city floating in the Atlantic Ocean suddenly experiences an unusual power outage. Two plant maintenance workers, Tara and Anzu, their third polycule member Kiran, and the Director of Island Operations go down to investigate, and what they find is...


  • ~30k words, with around ~10k words per tale
  • Highly active cinematic experience
  • Accessibility features such as font choices, image and audio captions, screenshake disable, and a photosensitive mode
  • Chapter select following the first clear of the game
  • 9 anime-style CGs and a gallery that allows you to view CGs, backgrounds, and cut-ins.








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