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Which of these VNs are you interested in translations of...

What VNs do you want to read?  

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  1. 1. Which ones are you more interested in?

    • Flyable Heart V2
    • Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete V2
    • Nanatsuiro Drops
    • Hare Tokidoki Otenkiame (TRIAL 1 + 2)
    • Hare Tokidoki Otenkiame (FULL)

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In the distant past, we have released some translations under our FlyableTrans brand, and although the reception was very mixed, they filled a need.

In the intervening years, we made several more attempts, but were lost for priorities.

Now we are choosing to take some more democratic feedback to guide our direction.

The choices are explained as follows:

1. Flyable Heart V2: Fix to improve the translation accuracy and improve stability. This is a relatively LONG script so it will take relatively more time.

2. Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete V2: Fix to improve the translation accuracy and improve stability. It is mostly complete.

3. Nanatsuiro Drops: This will be a first complete translation release.

4,5. Hare Tokidoki Otenkiame: Those who know the history of this site may notice the significance of this VN. The trial version is split into two parts. The full version is self-explanatory.

There is no guarantee of anything, this is just a way for you to contribute to our decisionmaking process.

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Well, you are perfect here since you can simply try to find a reasonable translator here. Just make a thread in our section for recruitment and try to describe best what you need. We can at least make a post on twitter and other social media so you can try and find an actual translator to work with you. Otherwise you can just tell the SVN folks to make another awful MTL with their sugoi tool, but we would not want to advertise it here or post it in our blog for everyone to see. We have the modern times and people shouldn't settle for MTL projects anymore, we have many better opportunities now with all these translation companies that exist. Who knows, maybe Shiravune pops up with a Flyable Heart TL. Not the first time they surprise us. 

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We are not asking for opinions about translation. There has been more than sufficient feedback on that.

We are only assessing the interest to determine priorities.

Grudges and accusations are not needed either.

One of the reason we are planning V2 release is to improve the translation accuracy.

We do not need any other assistance.

Generally, there would be no need to respond beyond that? Please do not turn this into a debate.

After all, we cannot please everyone but the silent majority is valuable.


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I did play Flyable Heart and think the story is quite good, although nowadays there's many VNs that have good graphic and story have been translated. It still has good soundtrack and the opening song though, so perhaps some may be interested to play this later. For the rest of the choice, Kiminago is elaborate more on Mayuri's story (That the staff didn't bother to elaborate more than necessary in Flyable Heart), Nanatsuiro Drop seems to be like magical girl VN, and Hare Tokidoki has the heroine who become Aaeru's avatar, and from what I can see Flyable Heart here is still the most interesting one between the choices.

In the end, well just do what you want to do I suppose, and good luck on whatever you'll do later.

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On 1/16/2023 at 10:28 PM, littleshogun said:

and Hare Tokidoki has the heroine who become Aaeru's avatar

You are correct! That is the reason why it is in our list.

In order to arouse some more possible interest, here are translations of the intro movie from the original site (https://palette.clearrave.co.jp/product/hareten/image/story/hareten_story.swf😞

https://www.mediafire.com/?6dulr0jiuvf3wyr (EN-UK)

https://www.mediafire.com/?3crzw3ycg943mo7 (EN-US)

Flyable Heart does seem quite popular, and this is why we also want to improve the translation. However, it is rather long, and although we have been going through again and fixing many lines, it is far from complete.

Hare Tokidoki is actually even longer than Flyable Heart - the latter is ~2.3MB of (Japanese) text, and former is closer to 5.3MB, so it is nearly twice as long. In contrast, Nanatsuiro Drops is 1.1MB, and Kimi no Nagori only 985KB.

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