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Any artist or someone who knows an interested artist? I would also like to hear your opinions of this horror/historical/romance visual novel

Endless Knight

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With a group of friends we have been writing this psychological horror and romance novel.

Basically, it is about a guy who, due to a mental disorder, perceives the world differently and can travel to other worlds and times when he sleeps.

We have 2/5 routes almost finished:

Route 1. A tale in the circus of phenomena. Here the heroine is a clown/harlequin named Crulleica. Here it is explored how disturbing and cruel were the circuses of freaks at that time

Route 2. A story in a hospital. Here the heroine is a patient with physical and mental disabilities named Ofelia

But do not worry. Romance will not be left out as it is a fundamental part of the story

It has been a bit hard since to be more exact we have had to research and read about these issues (I even got to talk to a doctor for Ofelia's route)


So with these references that I have given...

Are you an artist or do you know an artist who knows how to draw and color models and backgrounds that fit perfectly with this type of theme? Here some of us can draw but unfortunately not digitally


What are your opinions?

Should we add or change something?
Do you have an idea for a route?

Should we add some kind of mechanics or minigames?



I would like to hear your thoughts 





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