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Gore Screaming Show Analysis (summary + essay)


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It seems that a lot of this VN feels unfinished or unexplored in general. I'd say there is a bit too much being left to the reader to the point we could have cut out an entire route in favor of more time on Yuka, expanding the story and world. Except for a few details in each route, it feels like each of the cover girls is completely interchangeable because they do not have any bearing on the story a la Dies Irae, for example, where they do in each route albeit in different ways. I thoroughly enjoyed it, though! It is one of my favorite horror VNs, and I think there's a great story here somewhere, but I had to read in between the lines a bit more than I would have liked. Gore's theme was amazing, and really conveyed a sense of panic and terror while also making it seem like a jovial performance.

I have made an extensive 16-page analysis Google Doc of this visual novel that you can find here, attempting to explain or provide theories for literally everything I could think of that was left unclear. I originally made this to respond to a Reddit thread, but people will inevitably ask questions. So, I hope that this can put some of those to rest. Below you'll find a summary of this document.

It goes without saying that the Google Doc is filled with spoilers. If you choose to read all of it, I hope you enjoy reading this essay of mine! I put a lot of work into it because I really enjoyed this VN.


  • Spoiler
    • There are three stones, not two. The stone Yoshiki takes from Mashiro is the third stone, and is stated to harm her and Yukari similarly.
    • Mashiro is the true villain of this story, and originally possessed the two named stones. She is trying to facilitate Yukari’s demise because Yukari’s possession of a stone is an obstacle to her true motives - completing the ritual and getting her stone back. Or, she no longer has a use for the stone and needs to return it to the other world but cannot act in its inhibitory presence.
      • Alternatively, Mashiro is possessed by something that came through, and that being is what has twisted her intentions into nonsensical dualities.
    • The two stones Mashiro mentions are intentionally named by the writers.
    • Gore’s appearance is malleable, but in the story, it is based on Kyoji. We only know what the doll looks in the story, but not if it ever looks any different.
    • Gore is not the stone she absorbs - he is a doll that can be controlled with it.
    • Kyoji is the only member of the cast who is not stuck in the past, be it through the power of the stones or their own mental state. 
    • Himekawa is somewhat similar on the surface, but she is actually constantly haunted by Sayumi’s death. She is looking into the local legends in an effort to try and investigate the reason behind such a gruesome death. This is why she and Yoshiki are more or less on the same page.
    • Character names have meaning. Since I don’t read Japanese, and don’t have the Japanese version in front of me, I can’t really analyze it beyond making internet searches.


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On 12/19/2022 at 11:05 PM, Nemesis said:

I might read this after I actually bother reading the game. Sometime next year or the year after if I can remember to come back here.

If you do remember to come back to it, I hope you have a good read!

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