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Unity Hacking Assistance: DaCapo 3 R ~X Rated~


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I'm trying to work with DaCapo 3 R ~X Rated~ which works with UnityFS (fuck Unity, all my homies hate Unity) to get the script files and such.

I was able to get all the images, voices and videos, but there's a problem with the script:

The scripts are all in the .bytes format.

Using UABE to extract and dump the assets would lead to getting the .dat files. Which are somewhat erratic, with a lot of ? signs and illegible code, but show a little of dialog at the end of them.

With "little" dialog, I mean 20 lines at most per file.


Thing is, I can't edit them and compress them again into the script file because the TextAsset properties would change and the game would crash.

Talked in the Discord server about it a few hours ago, but neither the person who helped me (Thank you Sirus) or I could get much deeper than getting the .dat files and opening them to edit them.


Any help with this hacking would be highly appreciated.




Unity for VNs sucks ass, but encrypted files in VNs with no useful purpose whatsoever suck even more ass


Info someone might ask/want:


Translation: EN -> ES

Is MTL: No. I dislike people who use MTL to translate a VN for the public. Much more if it's for clout.

Group: White Novels


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