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No idea where the script/text files are, help!


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55 minutes ago, HataVNI said:

Usually Garbro helps, but it depends on the engine. Extracting text isn't easy.

I tried and I only seem to be able to extract the image and voice files sadly (g00 and ovk), not sure where the script is but by possible elimination it must be one of these file types that I cant extract with garbro: gan, cgm or tcc, any idea how to extract those types of files?

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5 minutes ago, Sisulizer said:

Visual Arts as parents brand means it's Siglus or ReaLive

I'm a little confused as what the first part of your sentence means, but yes I did have to use ReaLive to run the game. The game is made "Spray", not sure if that info helps. Basically I'm just kinda lost with this game's format, I have been able to extract the script from other games without this many problems...any idea what to do?

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1 minute ago, Sisulizer said:

Unfortunately for you for newer ReaLive's script, you cannot extract the script(Seen.txt) since there's no new tool

Is it really a newer ReaLive script? cuz the game came out on during 2007 and some people made a partial english patch for this game before (though it's lost now)

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