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[PC-9801] My 2022 releases


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Hello people,

just a small thread to advertise my released PC-98 translation projects from this year, as I know some of you might be interested.

I've compiled everything into a single thread to avoid spamming the board ^^

Included is the age rating and eventual content warnings so you know what to expect.

All games are fully playable on real hardware and emulators alike.


Holy Girl Force Lakers II (November 2022) (Warning: Adult Content)

Sequel to the first game, and a huge step up from it. Better graphics, harder challenge, cheesier story, more variety in ennemies and available strategies. One of my personal PC-98 favorites.

Everything's translated so far. The cherry on the top is that half a chapter that was missing from the game because of an error has been restored, too!

Download 1.1 here.

Guynarock 2 (November 2022) (Warning: Nudity and body horror, not recommended under 16)


A translation project by Alpharobo I've been helping with. A short VN in a horror sci-fi setting, with awesome artstyle. The developers and artists would later become famous for the Viper series.

Download 0.99 here.

Holy Girl Force Lakers (May 2022) (Warning: Adult Content)


Cult classic T-RPG with an awesome art direction, cool music, and an awesome sentai-meets-magical-girls like atmosphere. Oh, it also has some interactive sex scenes. Replaces the menu-only version I published last year.

Download 1.1 here.

Run Run Concerto (March 2022) (Warning: Adult Content)


An early Elf action game, reminiscent of some very primitive version of Deshing Desperadoes. Except you lead a female runner team and there is a bit of strategy and resource-management involved (not to mention pathfinding for the later levels). Notable for being one of the few eroge that can actually be played in competitive 2 player mode.

Download 1.1 here

FOXY (February 2022) (Warning : Adult content)


An early strategy game by legendary eroge publisher Elf. Not their best work, but an interesting piece of history.

Download 1.0 here

SCRIPT BACKPORTS (DOS or Windows to PC-98)

Amy's Fantasies (December 2022) (Warning: really fucked up adult content)

amy_ss_00.png amy_ss_01.png amy_ss_02.png

The infamous Hiroyuki Kanno unmarketable porn VN he did to troll C's Ware, his editor at the time. It's a pretty disgusting game, but it's so (intentionally) dumb that it manages to be hilarious at the same time.

Being a script port of the Himeya Soft Windows version, and with ready-to-use powerful editing tools at my disposal, it was a pretty quick project. The longest part was editing the graphics, then there was only 6-7% of untranslated or very mangled text I had to edit.

Download 1.0 here.

Jast Memorial Collection (November 2022) (Warning: Adult Content)




The official English JAST USA translations ported from the MS-DOS to the PC-98 version. Includes a brand new title screen for Season of the Sakura and uncensored CG for Runaway City for the very first time on PC-98!

Download 1.0 here.

YU-NO: A Girl that Chants Love from the Edge of the World (December 2021) (Warning : Adult content)


One of the most influential VNs of the 90's and Elf's most famous work. Based upon TLWiki's translation of the Windows version.

Download 1.03 here

I've also published menu patches for Sei Shoujo Sentai Lakers III (adult content) and Tamashi no Mon: Dante no Shinkyoku yori (all ages)

They're not quite as polished as my later works, but at last they can help you if you want to play these games and don't know any japanese. They both come with a full walkthrough.

Sei Shoujo Sentai Lakers III

Tamashii no Mon menu patch (PC-9801 version)

Tamashii no Mon menu patch (FM Towns version)


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