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Judgement Angels: Paloma [Experimental] [Horror]


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Hello everyone! I'm Gyme-gyme. I'm making a visual novel about a character named Paloma. I'm the only one in the team^^ and will be making everything (except for music)





Paloma is an Angelical, a creature that enjoys devouring the memories of humans. Paloma began her training recently and must learn to distinguish the good memories from the bad ones in order to satisfy her superiors. However, she finds it difficult to understand the humans and the decisions they made to get here.

Will you help her devour the good memories, or will you let her succumb to her superiors?






  • Choose who will receive the 'Angelical Trial'.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of Paloma, the main character.
  • Make your own decisions and forge how the story will continue, multiple endings and nonsense scenes.
  • 3 Endings
  • Around 3 hours long
  • English and Spanish.



  • Story 75%
  • Art 10%





I don't have many art to share wihtout spoiling the story yet -sorry!

You can find the game, for now, only on the itch.io page. Thank you for reading.



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