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Let's talk about Erogetrailers.com, a site forgotten to time


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Hello, Fuwas,

During my daily music browse I actually got the idea to finally talk about the website erogetrailers and wanted to visit it again. Unfortunately, the site seems to have died recently and when I looked up the last snapshot on IA it was somewhere around the beginning of this year. It must have just ran out recently. I got very sad and checked youtube if the ketsuage channels, channels which served as mirrors for the erogetrailers infrastructure. Lo and behold, they still are but not all of them. In fact, I could only find 12 of them. If you want to know more about this piece of eroge history, check out this thread.

Were you familiar with this website and are you mourning its disappearance? I found many many interesting Eroge that way that I could add to my backlog. Maybe we should attempt another preservational effort as Fuwanovel and save those trailers before YouTube purges them?

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I just know about the site today after I read this thread, so I'm not really mourning it (Or rather I don't know what to say about it). As for ketsuage, I did come across the user several time on Youtube, although it's more like to find out the VN opening video instead of communicating with him directly (Never known that he own a site that contain all of VNs trailers). Anyway my focus here is more on translated VNs, so it's not like I'll use ketsuage's channel as the way to find new eroge to play anyway, although maybe I can find some nice opening video in there. Lastly it's always interesting to learn from the past, especially when it come to VNs releases.

PS - I may check all of those ketsuage's channels if I have the chance later.

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