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Bleach Thousand Year Blood War thoughts?


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As of the time of posting this, the first invasion of the Soul Society is about to end. Very hyped tbh. Even though we're only like 6 episodes in, I'm loving not only the story, but the style of animation as well. Still, there are some things that I wish were further expanded upon from the manga, in spite of there already being a handful of things added. If there's one thing this arc needs badly, its more content. TYBW manga readers remember how rushed it was, especially towards the second half.

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Well if I may comment is that now we have big three shounen franchise (Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece) have all of the manga material animated. That said, it's still surprising that the final arc of Bleach are not animated until now, especially if one consider that the final arc of Naruto was animated (And of course One Piece as well even though the manga just starting the final saga). Well once again good for Bleach fans that have been waiting for the final arc to be animated for years, and also at least Pierrot won't rush the adaptation like Inuyasha now that it's been confirmed that they'll air it in four cour with first cour will have 13 episodes, so at least there should be about 52 episodes if Pierrot consistently make each cours have 13 episodes.

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