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[Official Announcement] Nightmare X Sisters is released!


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Behind the facade of everyday life, evil lurks in the shadows, and it's Sister Setsuna's job to exorcise these vile demons along with her true sister Yuka. However, cases of such possessions are on the rise - a concerning trend that warns of looming disaster. When Yuka is ensnared and captured, Setsuna rushes to her aid, only to fall victim to the cult as well! Will these two brave heroines be able to escape their captors? Or will they remain trapped, forced to breed new generations of demons to be unleashed upon the populace?!


Find out in the first title of the Nightmare series this November 17th on MangaGamer! Order your copy today!

Update: The game is now released



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I see that Mangagamer CEO decided to join Fuwanovel here, so let me say welcome here. As for the release, while technically it's nukige and usually I didn't pay much attention to it, I should say that I like the sexy costumes that the heroines (Okay Setsuna here is technically the MC) wear. With the first part of Nightmare series almost released, I hope that Guilty would be interested to license the rest of the series seeing that I like the sexy costumes (Which to say not as tacky as Hentai Public Service from Clockup) and more importantly the design of the heroines.

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