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Visual Novel & Anime designed Itashas (痛車)


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Hello. After seeing a cool image on twitter by RandomVNBot I got the idea to make a thread about Itashas. An 痛車 Itasha (Cringemobile) is the term for when you give your beloved car an extremely cool design with anime characters on it. Usually you can only find these kind of cars among enthusiasts, who show up at conventions and meet-ups with other folks.

In Germany, we actually have two groups who promote ITASHA. One of them is called N.G.E Itasha and the other is called German Itasha e.V.

Here are some examples of their cars and their designs! 



Would you want to ride something like this? What would be your preferred design and what car would you want it to be? :)


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It's not like I can drive the car, so obviously I have no interest to driving this kind of car. As for the design that I prefer when it come to give that kind of paint to my own car, let's just say that I'm also not interested on doing that as well. Good for the people who decided to do this in order to prove their passion towards the works that are painted in their cars though, so at least they should feel proud of doing it (Not going to deny that they need to accept the risk of being called cringe though).

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