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When does something become more than just a hobby?


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Hello FuwaForums,

I wonder how many of you out there have thought of reading visual novels as more than just a hobby. 

But at what point does something become more than just a hobby? 

When you pour all your time into it? 
When you learn a new language for it? 
When you're willing to sacrifice other responsibilities for it? 
When it changes your life?
When you change your life for it? 

For me, it was all of the above. Maybe the chuuni got to me. Maybe all the protagonists out there running full speed ahead with reckless abandon for their respective goals, to achieve the dream at any cost no matter how many times it takes, even if you have to defy fate, even if you have to challenge god. Maybe it got to me. Cringe? Well…

I like cringe. How far I’d be willing to go for the medium, what VNs mean to me, the experiences I’ve had. Can feelings this strong really be called “just a hobby” ?

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How do you define what is a hobby?

Dictionary gives me this definition: an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.

So to me, VN's will always be a hobby as I don't think there is any money to be made from it. It will never become my main occupation.

But it's a lifetime hobby. I have pretty much dedicated a good portion of my life to it, and is currently my main enjoyment in life.

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There's nothing wrong with reading/playing Visual Novels/Eroges being a hobby and such. despite being story driven and text heavy, Visual Novels are still technically videos games.

Life itself does not have a meaning and having hobbies such as reading Visual Novels helps pass the time and alleviate our boredom.

Wow your willing to learn a new language just to play VN? Whoa such overflowing passion is somehow unheard of and rare to find these days.

I used to be like that in the past, however circumstances somewhat made me jaded about life itself and I just lost my luster in general.

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One of the definition of hobby is 'an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure', so obviously the moment it become more than hobby is when said activity is done not in one's leisure time for pleasure, in which said moment can be happen when you're not enjoying the activity anymore. So the simple answer here would be as long as you find yourself enjoying those activities in regard of VNs (Either pour all of the time or learn the new language), then yeah it's still in the scope of hobby. Although if you're willing to sacrifice the other responsibilities for it, well I suppose then it's obviously more than just a hobby.

PS - It should be noted that even with on how I keep focusing on the VN translation news for years, I should say that it's still just a hobby seeing that I'm still at 'pour all of the time' stage.

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