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Game text not showing with patch on Android? (Kirikiroid2)


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I have an mtl patch someone made for the game Jashin Shoukan on android. Along with it there's an xp3filter and the patch itself. Looking around the patch2.xp3 file, all seems to be fine. Still, when playing the game it seems like there's and issue where the text stops showing completely. I don't know why this happens but I can upload the patch, logs and such if needed.


I had a version that got stuck later on. That version came with a patch.xp3, which is the one I added into the game files for the ones Im using now.


I also considered taking a fresh copy of the game and making a machine translation myself with Translator++, but the ks scenario files seem to be compressed, so I dont even know how I can edit those without breaking something else.


When the game gets stuck theres pretty much nothingI can do, and nothing strange shows up in the logs. I dont even know if theres a debugger I can use to know what's wrong 😕


Any help with this?


Edit: I forgot to add that the japanese version (not using the patch2.xp3) works fine.

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I forgot to add important info.
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