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我が姫君に栄冠を WagaHime data extraction hacker advice

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Good evening everyone, I was wondering if anyone has attempted to do a data extraction on the latest minatosoft game 我が姫君に栄冠を WagaHimegimi ni Eikan o.

I am actually interested in doing a translation on this, I do understand how to read code and use cmd lines but I am unfamiliar with the data extraction technology/tools needed. 
I have attempted to try extracting the script.dat files using GARBro, however when I tried to do that I get an File extraction error: Error occured while extracting file script/0.txt Data not recognized  as zlib-compressed stream.

Also, if I try to open it with other tools, it would seem like the script.dat file is encrypted. So far only GarBro is able to open it(the other tools don't seem to be able to open as archive from the data/script extraction thread, or maybe I'm doing it wrongly lol.) . Or is there other available tools that could be used to decrypt an encrypted/file cannot be opened as archive file?

Has anyone succeeded in extracting the scripts? if so, what kinds of tools/software is used? or by custom python file extraction methods? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could enlighten me in this area. Thanks for reading this!

I have decent proficiency in Japanese and have experience in translating, editing scripts to english(and I can understand Japanese slangs as well).

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