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Kaeru nyo Panyo~n Release

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> > More Information and Patch Download at Rance Translations < <




Kaeru nyo Panyo~n [VNDB]

This game is a strategy RPG that slowly scrolls forwards, and new monsters appear with every step, it's pretty much the precursor to Mamanyonyo or Widenyo [VNDB].  The game is really old by the way, it's from 1997, with glorious 256 color graphics.  It is somewhat light on H-content, and heavy on gameplay.


Tulip Goddess Maria writes:

It’s a very small game text-wise, but there are quite a few paths to go down, CGs to collect, and classes to try out. It was also the first Alicesoft game where magic didn’t affect Haniwa, and has a character who may be making an appearance in an upcoming Rance game…


Most of the translation work was done by Tulip Goddess Maria back in January, but TECHNICAL ISSUES reared their ugly head, and nobody could get the translated game to build for a while.  I join Rance Translations while they were working on Rance IV, so the group handed me Panyon and told me to make it work.  Eventually, after trying other successful but ultimately discarded approaches to hacking the game, I finally got the disassembled source code to build, and went with that.  Some minor modifications were made to the game code to make it work with System 3.9.

The translated game was first playable back in September, but it still needed some more hacks to deal with glitches.


The nicest part thing about this game is that it tells you that your 6-year-old computer is God Level.  And also if your computer is too slow, install an L2 cache (yes, TADA seriously says that).


Gameplay tip:

If you end turn before moving Poron forward, you lose.  So when Poron hits an obstruction and can no longer move forward, make sure you click the button that lets Poron move again.









> > More Information and patch download from Rance Translations < <

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Things necessary to get a copy of the game working if you aren't running the patch installer yourself:

_inmm: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Domino/8282/

Font Fix for non-Japanese locale: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/424640-Registry-Tweak-for-fixing-Japanese-Fonts-under-US-Locale

You don't need these if you are running the patch installer, since it installs those for you.

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