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Looking for Japanese translators to help me speed up translating Oppai no Ouja 48 (https://vndb.org/v3356)


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Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on translating a older OLE game called Oppai no Ouja 48 and I'm looking for translators that would be willing to help

vndb: https://vndb.org/v3356
At the moment I translated about half of the game myself but due to time constraints my progress will get slower over the following months.

The current progress looks something like this:

Dialogue lines: 10196/19406 ~ 52% complete

CG Files:       - complete (these are the menu CG's and images where text appears)
Matsuri route:  - complete
Miyu route:     - complete
Nil route:      - complete (+ champions)
A block: 8/8    - complete
B block: 3/8
C block: 1/8
D block: 1/8
E block: 1/7
Harem ending: 0%

For the main character routes and the oppai champions the game is playable, it's the optional characters and the harem ending which still require work.

If there are any translators willing to help, please feel free to message me or reply to this thread.

As for myself I will be slowly chipping away at this as time allows and will update the patch and thread with any updates.

For anyone interested to play the game with the english patch as it is at the moment, you can find it at the following link:
Download english patch

Simply extract the contents of the archive in the game folder and replace all files you get prompted to.

I would also like to thank @Joshiben for providing the extraction and packaging tools for the TechArts EAGLS engine the game is using.

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