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Fuwafriends: An exhaustive list of Fuwanovel's partners and supporters


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Good day, fellow Fuwanovellers!

As you have probably noticed Fuwanovel is now back and we're stronger than ever. But even the strongest fortress cannot operate its kingdom without having fiefdoms and towers all over the country so we're likely to partner up with a lot of other sub-communities in this vast visual novel ocean.

We will be separating those in three categories: Partners, Friends, Companies & Publishers 

1. Partners

Under "Partners" we define communities which have their own established communities in the broader visual novel and erotic gaming sphere. These are people we closely associate with and also plan projects in mutual cooperation designed to benefit both sides. These communities are of distinct size, but can also be bigger or smaller than us. Often there is not an individual behind them, but an entire group of administration, staff and contributors with whom we interact and work together on achieving our goals.

The objective of these partnerships, is to create an internationally connected tunnel-system where people can be funneled both in and out of the Fuwanovel community. Both sides benefit from a mutual exchange between their members and contributions that are made in other communities can be freely advertised and promoted on Fuwanovel across all social media. After all, Fuwanovel is not the only community around and we shouldn't hog all the users and tie them down to one community. Instead, frequent fluctuations in activity are to be expected and five active communities are still easier to manage than 70 discord servers. But we digress...

Current benefits of our Partners are as follows:

- A banner of choice can be displayed on the Fuwanovel.net blog. This banner will link towards the cross-promoted partner community. (One major link per banner!)
- Personal correspondence and mutual cooperative support to benefit proliferation of both communitys. New people will be told in fitting context to check out the partner's community to increase their userbase.
- Frequent retweets and shout-outs on all available social media if applicable. Announcements will be retweeted and promoted.
- Will be listed in a sub-forum called "
partners" and have their own special role and color.
- Special Role on Discord

- New perks in the future

2. Friends

While not being as privileged as the partners our Friends will also get support from us. Friends include something like middle-sized translation groups with established communities, personal veterans from the old Fuwanovel era who still run a blog, old e-celebs and the sort. Those are simply people who have contributed to the community a great deal and are supportive of Fuwanovel and whom we want to give back some exposure or promote their projects.  There are exceptions however, we don't accept translation groups that advocate for or use MTL (machine translations) as official Fuwanovel friends. You cannot deny that MTL has become more popular over the years, but we still respect manual or at worst machine-assisted translation efforts.

Benefits of our Friends are as follows:

- There will be a sub-page tab on the Fuwanovel blog that is not as prominently placed, but will list the banners and icons of our friends

- Limited (quote) retweets of their projects. Not every project update will be promoted, more relevant ones like a finished route, a partial or full release or similar will.

- We're likely to help them find recruitable staff for their projects.

Companies & Publishers

One of the dreams of our direction we take with Fuwanovel is to achieve a harmonious coexistence between official translations and fan translations and in order to achieve that we hope for Companies & Publishers to support us on our way. On VN.Info we proudly display several of our Publisher's logos in our footer, to show they are actively supporting us, supplying us with distributable review codes, giveaways or pre-release information. As a publisher who works together with Fuwanovel you will be getting some obvious benefits. The goal is it to create an environment where players and Publisher staff can directly interact with another and answer questions with highest priority and relevance.

Benefits of Companies & Publishers are as follows:

- Access to a private company & Fuwanovel discussion group where we will negotiate over world conquest via Eroge

- Listed on a prominent page on the blog

- We'll write a company spotlight about them

- Dedicated self-chosen colored Company Role to make themselves known as official representatives of their company

- Special Publisher Role on Discord

- They can publish and promote their own releases in forum posts which get bumped or pinned for the first week after release.

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The first community we partner with is the Yosuga no Sora Fan Community. This is a community that has a long history in the fan translation scene, probably more than a decade by now. It went through many hands and for the longest time it has been ridiculed for a project that will never finish. For a year now there has been a shake-up in their management and recruitment and now they actually make strong progress on their project. Shortly after Fuwanovel was revived we got in contact with their most prominent figure @MadTRJR.

Their goal is to translate both Yosuga no Sora and Haruka no Sora. They also work on side materials and other obscure content!

If you liked the Anime, are interested in the ongoing translation of the VN, or just have an unhealthy obsession with Kasugano Sora, check it out. While the translation project was pretty sus for a while, the new leader seems more sensible, and it seems likely the translation will be passable in the end. The server understandably does not accept anyone saying they're under 18, be aware.

Discord: Yosuga no Sora Discord

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/YosugaNosora/

Wiki: Yosuga no Sora Wiki | Fandom

Website: Twins Romance; July Reverie | Yosuga no Sora visual novel translation project


We're happy to have you in the Fuwa-Family!

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The second community that we can call our Partners is the community for the neatly-sized visual novel & erotic game development community LoveVN. While they seem like a small community with just 300 members at this point, we still promise a lot of cooperation between our place and theirs. They just have a Discord and a Twitter, but that Discord server is chock full of in-progress developers. Previous a guy named @ds-sanshas managed it, but they eventually left and now the place is in need of rejuvenation. We hope that our collaborative ideas will help to further both Fuwanovel's and LoveVN's  activity and prosperity!

The place is now run by @Deluneko, @Far2close, Dodo and HowardJones who will work together with us, the Fuwanovel Administration, to work on concepts.

Please consider joining if you are a new developer who wants to make contact with other developers and get to know peers that would like to help you making your project successful!

Server: https://discord.com/invite/eZQwHUKKv8

Twitter: LoveVN (@lovevndev) / Twitter

Welcome to our Fuwa Family!

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Our third Partner community is the Android Visual Novels Community and this is one of the biggest communities we work with. Led by people like Mirai and Ken1 they manage a community which teaches and educates people in how to get visual novels to run on their mobile devices. Whether it is Wine, BlueStacks, Exagear or Kirikiridroid, these guys can help you getting everything to run. 

They will soon help to provide Fuwanovel with tutorials, guides, lists of compatible games and how to get them to run and more. These will be designed so even the biggest layman when it comes to technology can get games to run smoothly. We look forward to what content they may provide!

Reddit: Visual Novels on Android 

I'm @Criel-Nin.

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The fourth community we partnered with is one that we are extremely proud of! We built contact with the folks over at the famous Lemmasoft Forums and we are now working together, too! This is a big deal, because Lemmasoft Forums which are run by renpytom, the father of the visual novel engine Ren'Py, have double the legacy of ours. Created and maintained since 2003, it has been THE bastion for Ren'Py development and English Language Visual Novels as a whole. Frankly, we have not been able yet to really uncover the secrets in in this forum, so we are happy to welcome them to our Fuwanovel Family, so we can excavate the treasures that lie beneath!


Anyways, what does our partnership entail? Well, for one, we lay a path into the prestiguous Lemmasoft Forum right through Fuwanovel. As you may have heard before, forums have to deal with spammers and bots quite a bit and renpytom does not really have the time to worry about deleting them all the time. Thusly they implemented a password check which you have to type in upon first login with a new account. You can get this password by going to the Ren'Py discord and answering authenticity questions.


This password is... Ha, you thought so!

Fuwanovel Users in Good Standing (No excessive warnings & likely to be real people) are allowed to get the Lemmasoft signup password from us. Just send a DM to @HataVNI or @Discord: Hata#7192 and I will give it to you so you don't have to go through the whole rigamarole on the Ren'Py Discord. 

In addition, we will also funnel people into their Discord and Forums. Fuwanovel itself does have a development space, but it would be blasphemous to believe whatever is discussed here had not been already discussed in the Lemmasoft Forums before. It is better if we use our newcomers to both revitalize our place and theirs, too!

Link to Lemmasoft Discord: https://discord.gg/nme6SvwVSt

Renpytom Twitter: https://twitter.com/renpytom

Ren'Py Development Page: The Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine (renpy.org)

 Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine | Facebook

Welcome to the Fuwa Family to this legendary community!

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And the fifth community we partnered with is SinicalAnimeNetwork. As you could already learn in our VNTS post they are an anime & otaku community who run a translation service aiming to be re-translating the infamous SakuraGame licenses which have released in the west in an atrocious state. They work on quite a lot of projects and have already a track record of more than 15 successful translations! The community is run by Sinical_Geek.

We will work together in some ways. SinicalAnimeNetwork might be able to contribute to our content on the blog when it comes to Chinese-origin games, they could potentially also work on doujin and freeware projects to bring more unknown doujin titles of Chinese origin to the west. We want to accompaign them on their journey and this feeling is mutual!

SinicalAnimeNetwork listed us as Premium Partners under the label of a "Visual Novel Social Hub". Very fitting!

Website: Sinical Network | Anime and Gaming Hub

Forum: Forums - Sinical Network

Twitter: Sinical Network (@SinicalNetwork)

Welcome to the Fuwanovel Family!


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Community No. 6 we partner with, are the folks over at Todokanai Translations. This is the group that brought us the amazing fan translation of White Album 2, a huge and influential drama visual novel by writer Fumiaki Maruto with a legendary status. The game is separated into three major parts: Introductory Chapter, Closing Chapter & Coda. After 10 years of back-and-forth with old team members they eventually got a grip and managed to finish the project on the 22nd of December 2021, short before Christmas that year. They did not only translate the game itself though, but also a wealth of side-materials and they are still working on translating everything.


Their current project that's running is to translate the contents of the White Album 2 Mini-After-Story. You can find the progress in this thread! 

White Album 2 Mini-After Story Translation Project [Todokanai TL] - Translation Projects - Fuwanovel Forums

Thanks for becoming another of our partner communities!

Discord: Todokanai TL
Patch for WA2: Todokanai TL : Patch
Website: Todokanai TL (github)

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We can announce proudly that we have partnered up with Nukige Nightclub, the biggest erotic game centric group on Steam, who did a cross-promotion with us via their discord and Steam groups. If you're into nukige and tons and tons of wild fetishes in the NSFW world then you'll find a lot of cool channels and people there. The fuwanovel discord might have a NSFW channel, but on this server you truly find everything your nether region desires!

They also help you getting 18+ patches for games that you otherwise wouldn't. That way you can circumvent censoring. They also have made the amazing spreadsheets that are often referenced whenever a game on Steam gets the ban hammer. They maintain these very diligently and you'll be up-to-date on all the shenanigans that Steam pulls on your precious erotic games right then and there.

Steam Banned/Rejected/Removed Games List
Nukige's Steam Uncensored Games List

Discord: Nukige Nightclub 
Website: Nukige Revolution – Let's take sexy games to the place they deserve.
Twitter: 🎀Nukige🌸Nightclub🎀 (@NukigeNightclub) / Twitter
Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Nukige
Curator: Steam-Curator: Nukige

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If you paid attention to twitter lately, you might have seen that we announced a group called Fleeting Heartbeat Studios! We can proudly announce that those are our new partners, too! These are the folks behind the modern Katawa Shoujo Re-Engineered, which you might call a remaster of the old classic Katawa Shoujo. This group had the goal to recreate Katawa Shoujo with Renpy8.0 codebase, Accessibility Features, upscaled graphics and other things that the modern game engines would offer, so they made it reality!

If you want to hang out with the folks behind this remastered version, you can check out their website and their discord server! They inexhaustively work that Katawa Shoujo can be both accessed and enjoyed by everyone in its new form.

We also held an interview with their chief, Local Man.

Links: Website
Discord: Join here

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