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New VN announced by Front Wing - Ginka


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On 9/25/2022 at 6:05 AM, Clephas said:

Duelist Engage

Amairo Islenauts

The rest was mediocre though

Funny, I've read most of his VNs, but not those two - and I loved the rest ;) The setting of Duelist looked too over-the-top for my taste, and as for Amairo it looks like it has too much porn for me  :P (I also haven't read Pure Song Garden)

And recently I've actually been thinking "It's time for new Konno Asta's VN, isn't it?" :P So I'm looking forward to this new title :)

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Late to comment here. As for Ginka itself, to be honest I'm pretty much indifferent seeing that we still don't know much of it, other than it's the possible sequel/prequel/alternative version of ATRI here. That said, at least I know the art here is quite good looking so at least there's one thing to look forward into. Also seeing that we got ATRI simultaneous release, Frontwing may do the same with Ginka later (At least it's easier than managing the bug in Sharin from what I can understand).

PS - As far as I remember, Frontwing didn't use KS to crowdfund ATRI but instead they got the fund from Aniplex. Whether it'll be the same or not we'll see.

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