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Charity Bundles from Itch and The Visual Novels Found Within: Discussion Thread.

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So two years back prior to the whole pandemic thingy that's going on, the website Itch.io initiated a fundraising effort for Racial Justice and Equality. It was over a thousand games, TTRPGs, various content found on Itch, for 5 dollars minimum to raise funds for Black Lives Matter. It raised over eight million dollars.

Then it was Palestinian Aid that got a bundle. That one raised 900k.

Then it just kept happening. More bundles!

All of the "major" bundles so far have been chronicled on a site called Random Bundle Game which can be found here . It lets you sort through genres, tags, you name it, because the bundles themselves do not. They are horribly formatted! There's a guide on how to link the bundle itself so you can just download it form there. 

ANYWAY. I'm here because of visual novels. With all that backstory said and done with, has anyone actually tackled the visual novels found in there?

I've played Serre, two acts of Brassica A Marry Tale, and a chapter of LongStory. though otherwise I haven't quite finished anything else. I know I have my eye on playing Changeling, Errant Kingdom, and Highway Blossoms!

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Let's see...

I played Seduce Me The Otome a very long time ago. All I remember is that it's about incubi, that it's surprisingly tame (my sex repulsed ass could read it in high school) and generally felt unexperienced in many ways (writing, tone, etc.). I put it in the category of an okay first otome game when you don't want to spend money. I never read the sequel.

I played Retrace which is a narrative RPG Maker game. I really liked the graphics and the concept but the characters and story had no room to breathe. The pacing was WAY too fast!

I played a bit of This World Unknown many years ago. I liked what I saw from the writing to the unique artstyle. It's about a nurse in the times of war in a fantasy world. I think the only reason I didnt continue playing it is because my attention span for Steam games is much lower than for handheld games (Steam deck might help when I get it... someday).

Something without the visual novel tag but is almost as visual novel-like as Retrace is "Sofia?". I completed the free edition and it sure was something! I kept me very engaged and very confused. It really escalates into the absurd and the more endings I got the more confused I became lol Thankfully it was more of the entertaining kind than frustrating. I still recommend it for being very pretty and one hell of a ride.

Other than those there are many games I also already have but haven't played yet. I really want to play Long Days Gone once it's complete for example. I also have Changeling but only god knows when I will get to it😅


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I got some of these bundles myself, but having such an abundance of games to play I have not really touched them. I'm planning to do smth like Stream projects or articles where I play like 5-10 of these random games, but so far I didn't get to do it yet. I did have played a lot of these games outside of the bundling context though.

I have shared the post around, let's hope more people answer :)


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