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What's good with y'all? Ask me anything time!

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I haven't been on this forum in a long while: I think the last time I had a discussion post was when I was promoted to programming director role at Watercress Studios, which was back in January of 2020. You know, before the world ended. Long story short I was promoted to solve a problem or rather a series of problems and that stole all my time away from Fuwa. I knew at some point I would return. I just didn't know when. Thanks to @HataVNI they came in like a wrecking ball.


What happened in these last two years???


I worked on releasing some visual novels. I could've released more but Covid-19 complicated things, and I didn't want to get burned out. The cool thing is that I actually have paid 2 jobs outside of the visual novel stuff I do now.:sacchya:

My day job and my side hustle. Basically I had to incorporate my side hustle, and I might hire people if my business continues beyond me having just 2 people. 


But let's focus on the visual novel stuff–


I swear I should do a podcast and drop all the fun stuff I did so far at Watercress. There's so much I wanna say but everything is still motion. Right now, I am working on a unique visual novel. I will drop details about it later. This OELVN right here is the main one taking up most of my time currently. Here it is at VNConf 2022 -



Covid really did shake up things, however, I am really proud of Palinurus. :holo:


I was in charge of Palinurus Android Edition. Not many people have android experience in the visual novel world.


I had artwork help from AnagramDaine and I was able to get the Google Play stuff from our Studio Director, wolf. The hardest part was both setting up the Graphic User Interface to work on mobile and getting the music box code to work. The cool thing about the GUI is that it does change depending on your device. Thanks to Ren'py's variant system. They kinda remind me of media queries in CSS. So Ren'py has responsiveness for mobile. That's too awesome.


Another large issue I ran into was when I had to convert it into an android app bundle. Why? Well the issue was that I was stuck with 32-bit architecture and then one day Google just announced they were abandoning 32-bit architecture. Ren'py was only capable of 32 bit architecture from the RAPT.

I was so damn pissed but I managed to adjust the android manifest file and change the architecture to make an Android App Bundle vs an apk. So basically the dev cycle took longer because Google.

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In Summary, visual novel development is deeply important to me. Because it's not enough for me to write about the EVN revolution....



y'all got any questions for me?

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(btw here's my Twitter  and here's my Discord: Happiness+#1168)

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