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VN podcast - An VNture Podcast (by Tauros113 and M.R.)


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Hello everyone! For anyone interested in podcasts, we have weekly podcast episodes about VNs, brought to you by the hosts M.R. and Tauros113. It's a passion project premiered in July 2022, still going strong weekly! New episodes every Sunday!


Newest episode: 4th Wall in VNs

Let us know what you think!


Previous episodes:

- #22 Action in VN

- #21 Musical Themes in VNs!

- #20 Letdowns in VNs

- #19 (guest Zaka & Hata!) Fuwanovel Revival

- #18 Trick or Treat? Halloween special!

- #17 Artstyle in Visual Novels

- #16 (guest PabloC!) Exploring translation quality

- #15 (guest PabloC!) Fan translation

- #14 Zany UI

- #13 Slice of Life

- #12 Routes in VNs

- #11 M.R.'s VNs iceberg PART 2

- #10 tauros113's VNs iceberg PART 2

- #9 (guest ASid!) Reviewing the Reviewer

- #8 (guest ASid!) Degenerate Reviews Retrospective

- #7 Famous Figures

- #6 Mystery VNs

- #5 VNs in backlog

- #4 Scores and VNs

- #3 Gameplay in VNs

- #2 M.R.'s VNs iceberg

- #1 tauros113's VNs iceberg

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updated post after the newest released episode
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16 hours ago, VNturePodcast said:

In today's episode, we're talking about Artstyle in Visual Novels, enjoy!


Ooh, a VN Podcast with an art style episode that, if I'm correct, is going to be discussing Ooyari Ashito? One of my favorite artists? Hell yeah. I'll have to start listening to your podcast, then!

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