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Hello! Nǐ hǎo! こんにちは!

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Bonjour! Guten Tag! Hola ma!

A bit lazy atm, so I'll just copy paste my intro from the Kero Makura server and mod it a bit...

Aye yo, what's up, I go by Shinyyy.
You may know of me from other servers, my IG page, names such as the CEO of ふもふも & タイツ or as an enjoyer of 電波 and 蓬莱山輝夜.
You'll usually find me helping out with the QC or proofreading side of TL projects if given the opportunity to be part of a team. Thankfully I have been blessed to be part of many and continue to do so.
Some of my hobbies include hiking, gaming, trying to get back into art/drawing and picked up gardening as of lately. Oh, and of course collecting rare items and merchandise for those who know me personally.
I love reading a bunch as well, from older literature to weird deep dive articles into the zany and bizarre.
Some of my favorite VN companies include ケロ枕, Type-Moon, Innocent Grey, Key and Aquaplus/Leaf. Also enjoy 東方Project a whole bunch and Blue Archive as well as of recent.

Hope we can all get along well and enjoy VNs for the wonderous pieces of works that they can be! 😁

PS: I'm still figuring out this whole blog forum thing out, so forgive me if I make a few blunders here and there

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こんちゃっす! Shiny! That you're showing up here is very cool! You do gods work with your QC on multiple projects (like WA2), I know that already. Get that Tsukihime Remake out eventually :P
And welcome to Fuwanovel, we're slowly growing to be a respectable userbase again and despite all the lame territorial fights that seem to be going on in other places we seem to be developing splendidly! If you are interested, I'm planning to make a "community/collectors showcase" on the fuwablog eventually where we just display people's amazing physical collections and after what I know about you, you would be a perfect candidate for that!

Enjoy your time here!

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Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. I see that you like the VN from Makura/KeroQ, and while I agree that Subahibi it's good enough it's definitely has some flaws (I like the latter part of it even though some did say they prefer the beginning to middle part). I hope that you'll enjoy yourself in here, and also have fun in regard of Sakura no Toki that will be released on November 22nd later if you're already preordered it.

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