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Uruha Rushia Thread

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Uruha Rushia (潤羽るしあ) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, as part of its third generation of VTubers under the name of "hololive Fantasy" (ホロライブファンタジー) alongside Usada Pekora, Shiranui Flare, Shirogane Noel, and Houshou Marine.

Rushia is a soft-spoken, somewhat naive girl who panics easily. While she is usually innocent and kind, she can occasionally become enraged and scream in an uncharacteristically beast-like manner before regaining her composure (for example, while playing Dark Souls or Mario Kart). She is infamous for her extremely poor anger management skills; in addition to screaming, she will often violently smash her fist against her desk. This behavior was previously regarded as breaking character, but it is now mostly considered part of her character.

Rushia is sensitive about her breast size, and both fans and other hololive members often tease her for it, to the point that she will flinch whenever she hears someone say "wall" (壁) or "cutting board" (まな板). She also has a humorous "yandere" persona that occasionally surfaces when people start talking too much about other VTubers instead of her.

She greets her viewers with Konrushi 「こんるし」 and ends with Otsurushia 「おつるしあ」.

She currently have 611 000 subscribers


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This section might as well be as offtopic and useless as a landline connection for your phone, but I still want to use it to talk about one of my queen of all Vtubers, Uruha Rushia. Sadly, she now goes by the name Amemiya Nazuna at VShojo, and I can only rarely watch her streams again, because her hair is not GREEN. I fell in love with her green hair the second that I saw it. I wish someone had archived all her content and my ethernet would last long enough to download it, but nah. Too much effort.

My beloved Rushia. Do you also like Rushia?GNACJmQ.jpeg

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Oh hey, a fellow Fandead.

I'm not one of the day 1 fan, as back then I didn't even know about Hololive (even though I subbed to Aqua way back when she only had like 50k subs, but I didn't know that she was in an agency), however I believed I got turned undead shortly after AzurLane shoved me right down the deep rabbit hole.

Since then, she has been one of my most favorite Vtuber, and one of the only 3 that I decided to join membership (the other being Aqua and Aloe Delutaya).

I'm still very much annoyed by Cover's decision to terminate her. I mean, on a technicality she did violate the NDA, however the "leaks", afaik, was from her loose-mouth close friend, and effectively caused zero harm and revealed nothing even relatively important. Applying the punishment at almost full force to basically a harmless mistake like that, is like sending someone to a year in jail because they stole a $1 candy bar. Even worse when she was THE top contributor for the company after Coco graduated.

Rules and laws are supposed to be flexible. This is a mid-size entertainment company and some random private text messages, not the White House and the nuclear documents ffs. 


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7 hours ago, Satsuki said:

I'm still very much annoyed by Cover's decision to terminate her.

Breaking fourth wall a bit, it was probably very stressful/upsetting for her, but any vtuber getting out of the corporate hell and starting a successful indie career is a win in my mind. And her new "incarnation" seems to be doing extremely well. :3

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