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Guilded Hearts [Slice of life, MMO]

Argent Games

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All things considered, Julian (customizable) lives a pretty normal life. 

He does online university work, is hopelessly single (but has a habit of crushing on cute boys), and spends most of his free time on a fantasy MMO – Lost Heroes.

Little does he know that Lost Heroes will be what pulls him into a new, budding romance...

Whether he pursues the arrogant pretty boy Guillermo, his charismatic roommate Casper, the coy store clerk Archie, or his mysterious guildmate Verdant, join Julian  on an unexpected journey of self-discovery, heartache, and love.


  • Genre: BxB, slice-of-life, romance, drama
  • Rating: 18+ (NSFW content; SFW/PG-13 version also available)
  • Length: TBD
  • Routes: 4
  • Estimated Release: Q1 2023
  • Platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux, Android
  • Customizable MC (name, appearance, chat profiles)
  • Skippable 18+ scenes
  • Multiple chat styles/interfaces

Content/Trigger Warnings: Foul language, homophobia, domestic abuse, mentions of violence, cheating, petty crime, pornography, sex work, terminal illness/end of life care, HIV+ character

Caspar talking about being a theatre kid and coming out early onArchie hesitantly giving well wishes to MC's friendGuillermo arrogantly telling MC he isn't MC's butler.Verdant expressing concern about the life of the guildGuild chat interface where a guild member warns of guild drama



Publisher: Gallium Games

Producer: gamma, dovah @Argent Games

Writer/Designer: Theo Southgate (Dead Man's Rest, The Hepatica Spring)

Artist: solenoirex


  • Aug 13: Public announcement!
  • TBD: Demo + Kickstarter (roughly October)


Extra relevant information

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