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Inyouchuu: Insects of Insemination will release on August 29th on JAST!

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JAST USA will be releasing the crazy insect game "Inyouchuu: Insects of Insemination" by japanese eroge company TinkerBell on the 29th of August in the JAST Store. We were kind of thinking that Tokyo Necro would come before it, but it is what it is.

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The audience for this game will probably be very interesting to see. There are crazy madmen like Echelon who are the craziest fans of that game series that you can imagine, but I don't think this will be a smash hit - if it doesn't gain some notoriety like Euphoria or other anime with an anime adaptation got. 

What do you guys think? Will you try it out?

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From the moment I see the announcement of it, I can say that this is not what I'm interested with. That said though, I know there's fans of this game so obviously the release should be good for them. By the way in regard of the other VNs from TinkerBell (The company behind Inyochu), if someone ask what kind of VN from them that I want to see it localized, then I'll answer that I want Mugen no Sakura duology localized simply because it has magical girls as the main characters. I know that the reason for it is quite shallow, and besides it still has some disturbing sex contents anyway. Have fun if you already interested with Inyouchu here ever since JAST announced it on AX.

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