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[Ren'py] Resident Evil RELICT [FREE]

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Alfter a long time free fan-made visual novel finally released! It's set in Resident Evil (Biohazard) universe.

The novel will appeal to both players unfamiliar with the Resident Evil series and old fans, telling about a previously untouched period in the Resident Evil universe, touching on the reasons for the creation of the BSAA, TerraSave and other storylines abandoned by CAPCOM like the Beardsley family.


2001. Several years have passed since the Raccoon City Incident. The Umbrella Corporation, which was behind biological weapons development that caused many incidents in the past, is on the brink of destruction. Perhaps, the most important session in Raccoon Trials is coming soon.

Claire Redfield, a survivor of those horrific events, her brother Chris and other familiar faces were invited to a party in a newly built skyscraper called "Relict" to celebrate their victory. But they couldn't imagine what nightmare awaited them there. Steel walls of "Relict" became their deadly prison and a new threat emerged from the darkness below. A massive skyscraper could hide mysteries beyond description... What evil do these walls conceal?

The events of this visual novel take place some time after the events of the video game "Resident Evil CODE: Veronica" and before the events of "Resident Evil 4". It draws inspiration from "Resident Evil Revelations" in terms of story-telling and character development.

The story deals with traumas of surviving characters and how the'll leave behind these relics of the past.

Two languages (English and Russian), quick-time events, multiple routes, extra modes, battle system, merchant and some cool secrets!

Full Version is out now!

The game focuses on presenting an interesting and intriguing story that could even be part of the main video game canon without contradicting it in any way and even expanding on the events some time after the events of the video game "Resident Evil CODE: Veronica" and before the events of "Resident Evil 4" .

The game has a lot of puzzles, a combat system, a "Mercenaries" mode, quizzes, light non-linearity, boss battles and much more.

Download (PC / Android)



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