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Visual novels similar to the Grisaia series

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According to my preferences the Grisaia series is absolutely the best, it ticks most boxes that I look for in a story.

-not a wimpy mc

-it has a story (divided in smaller pieces) that actually pieces together in the end

-most characters (if not all) are likeable in their own way

-it just made me crave more after finishing the first novel


Not super specific I know.. but something along the lines would be great. I will list the ones I have already read and really like for comparison, please just mentioned translated ones, I tried the translation software but it just doesn't work out for me.

Next best series ever in my eyes: Utawarerumono. More fantasy based but the writing and characters are just incredible imho.

Meteor world actor


G-Senjou no Maou

baldr sky

Nitroplus games like cyber slayer, Hanachirasu

I don;t recall the name but the MC controls metal and becomes like a crazy f16 fighter plane in some route.


Full metal muramusa is on my list but for some reason I never started it.. any suggestions?

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The only VN I have ever read fill your preferences is Subarashiki Hibi (Wonderful Everyday).
Especially that small stories pieces together part is the best here. OSTs are epic too.
And about Mc it has like 5 mc(maybe 6). 
It is the most mindblowing thing in the VNs. It will make you crave for it more I promise.
If you want some mystery and from the same creators of Grisaia Try ISLAND. This VN too has the best turns and twists which will blow your mind at the end.
Try Rewrite too. It got some best action in all of the Key games. True route is just another milestone here.
Hello Lady! seems to be good. It will satisfy you atleast in all preferences. This VN too has the ending twist which will make us think "wtf is this".
Last but not least STEINS GATE; and STEINS GATE;0. These two are not moege but best in terms of sci fi action and plot with good characters. Mc is not a physical hitman here. He suffers more mental damage here than physical damage here. He is not a fittest person too. So You can reconsider it. But it has the best explanation for sci fi in VN industry.
Hope this helps you.❤️

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