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I've been trying to think of some VN ideas, something romance-y and something .. not like it seems..? I don't know, I need some help with that.

How would I go about that... Where would I get help with the art?

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Oddly, writers are the easiest personnel to find for VNs.  Artists (of quality) on the other hand are rare and often costly.  I remember when I commissioned art for a VN I was trying to make eight years ago, I got charged forty dollars for each CG (high-detail) and fifteen for each sprite (not including variations of pose and expression).  I imagine the basic costs have probably tripled or quadrupled by now, though.

Considering that most VN readers are art bigots, it isn't something you can get away with skimping on (except for backgrounds... people are willing to ignore skimping on backgrounds).

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